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In the Wake of Hurricanes, Breezer Mobile Cooling Creates a Climate of Safety

Flooded Highway

Relief and recovery efforts continue in areas of the U.S. mainland, Caribbean and Puerto Rico ravaged by this year’s devastating spate of hurricanes. Adding to the devastation is sweltering heat and humidity, placing an additional burden on both, victims and aid workers alike. Keeping cool is not only crucial to the health of hurricane victims, but also to the success …

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Humor and Fresh Air – Lifesavers, Seriously!

Jethro Coe III MP, US Army Ret. We all know it – peak performance is mission critical. Whether in private or professional life, sustained mental, emotional and physical energy is needed to achieve desired results and to experience success. On my personal road to success, I have found that finding your funny bone does provide many tangible benefits. Humor does …

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The Power Breezer: Increase Productivity While Maintaining the Structural Integrity of Your Machines

Companies from various industries, including manufacturing, airline and cement, have recently begun to adopt a new cooling system in their production process to cool vats, engines, and casting foundry. The Power Breezer cuts production times in half and leads to a quicker and more efficient manufacturing process, while improving the core product. Although the Power Breezer is commonly known for …

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Power Breezer® Brings Innovative Solution to a Centuries’ Old Process

Mobile Cooling Unit Reduces Downtime, Improves Efficiency Metal casting originated thousands of years ago and thanks to technological advancements, it continues to play a vital role in our everyday lives. Industries such as farming, mining, and oil and gas extraction rely on the strength and durability of cast metal products to keep operations running smoothly. Like every manufacturer, foundries are …

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