Cool for The Summer

clouds with sun shining in blue sky

No, it wasn’t just your imagination. Summer 2016 was indeed very hot. Scorching hot. In fact, NASA climatologists have declared this past August was the hottest August since recordkeeping began in 1880. If current trends continue, 2016 will edge out 2015 as the warmest year in history. While we like to believe records are made to be broken, endless heat …

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Jet Propulsion Technology as a Cooling Process

power breezer portable cooler product photo white background

The deleterious effects of heat are well known to anyone working with machinery and equipment. Friction-generated heat causes mechanical wear and tear on even the strongest metals, and chemical breakdown occurs in hydraulic systems when too much heat is present. However, most of this heat generation cannot be avoided because it’s a natural by-product of the process being undertaken. Fortunately, …

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Unmitigated Heat as a Leading Cause of Workplace Injury

power breezer portable cooler pointing at outdoor worksite with hardhats and worker sitting at table

We take many precautions to prepare for natural disasters like floods and tornadoes, but with something as simple as a hot day, safety can sometimes go by the wayside. It’s easy to overlook the dangers of heat. In North America, there are hundreds of heat related deaths each year, too many of which occur in the workplace where heat related …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling Employees Feed Homeless Citizens Over Thanksgiving Weekend

breezer mobile cooling employees feed homeless over thanksgiving pumpkins orange and corn on grass

On most nights in the United States, over half a million people are without housing. On a single night in January 2015, for example, 564,708 people were homeless. Without housing, there’s little chance for regular meals. Homelessness and poverty are inextricably linked. Poor people are frequently unable to pay for housing, food, childcare, and healthcare. These families must make impossible …

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The Power Breezer: Increase Productivity While Maintaining the Structural Integrity of Your Machines

fleet maintenance workers with a power breezer

Companies from various industries, including manufacturing, airline and cement, have recently begun to adopt a new cooling system in their production process to cool vats, engines, and casting foundry. The Power Breezer cuts production times in half and leads to a quicker and more efficient manufacturing process, while improving the core product. Although the Power Breezer is commonly known for …

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Cool and dependable – It runs in this family!

If you would ask how 2016 was for me, I would say that it has been a very exciting and very busy year. Professionally speaking, we gained lots of new ground and growth for Breezer Mobile Cooling. I am confident that we are well poised to take the future. In my personal life, I am proud to share that one …

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