Heat Stress is a Hazard

power breezer cooler cooling down industrial workers rewiring

The experienced safety manager is aware that heat stress poses a hazard to worker safety indoors as well as outdoors. Heat stress can occur in well-ventilated facilities as a result of local heat sources such as steam, hot machinery, and engines. Heat stress is particularly a problem in the construction, commerce and oil and gas industries. Studies have shown that …

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National Safety Council Congress & Expo

              Come see Power Breezer at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo! September 28th – 30th. Stop by our booth to discover how Power Breeze evaporative coolers can cool your facility and improve safety! Booth 3771.

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Power Breezer® Protects Livestock & Workers from Heat Stress

roosters and poultry in wire cages with eggs in farm with power breezer portable cooler

Heat stress can lead to life-threatening conditions for livestock and agricultural workers, putting productivity at risk and impacting the bottom line.    It can reduce meat and milk production, lower reproduction rates and lower natural immunity in livestock. Soaring temperatures affect workers by sapping their energy, causing their productivity to drop, and making them more prone to costly mistakes. According …

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