Rising Temperatures Are Killing Your Productivity

One of my first jobs was in a small and enclosed industrial warehouse without any air conditioning whatsoever because it was cost effective. In the summer, the temperature inside would be higher than the already sweltering heat outside. Things probably would have stayed this way had the management not realized an important side effect. It turns out the majority of …

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MRO Americas 2017 Brings Breezer Mobile Cooling to Orlando As a Proud Enterprise Florida Pavilion Exhibitor

closeup of power breezer portable cooler fan

Breezer Mobile Cooling is pleased to announce its participation in MRO Americas 2017, the premier conference for professionals in the aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul industry. Beginning April 25th, participants from around the world will gather to hear experts discuss the latest trends in aviation and to tour what conference organizers call “an unmatched exhibit hall” of industry solutions and …

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Reduce Heat-Related Safety Risks and Improve Business Performance with the Power Breezer from Breezer Mobile Cooling

power breezer portable cooler in airplane hangar

Heat is an often-overlooked concern when evaluating workplace safety. But working in a hot environment creates a risk of mental and physical fatigue, leading to potential hazards when using machinery or power tools, or other equipment. As temperatures rise, productivity and focus decline. This equation is a formula for heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and other heat-related injuries. These issues pose …

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Cool Air, Warm Hearts

white fluffy clouds in blue sky

There’s nothing more heartwarming than when people come together in support of a good cause. That’s why every year, West Hialeah Baptist Church in Miami, Florida, hosts a health fair where volunteers from the University of Miami provide mammograms and blood tests to individuals who otherwise would not have access to these critical, and potentially life-saving, health services. But this …

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When Partnerships Are Strong, Everyone Wins

football player in white uniform stands in front of power breezer portable cooler next to bench

Every company has contingency plans for when things don’t go as expected, but rarely do those plans account for a product selling too well. Breezer Mobile Cooling found itself in just such a position about a year ago, when demand for our top selling product, the Power Breezer indoor portable air conditioner, went through the roof. Heading into what was …

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What Does Good Customer Service Mean to You?

brunette woman in pink blazer on the phone and laptop customer service

We all have some idea of what a good customer experience involves: someone who listens to what we are saying, who understands our needs, and will work to solve our problems courteously and efficiently. Unfortunately, very often this isn’t the experience we have. More and more often, even at the biggest companies, we call for customer service, and end up …

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Power Breezer Regional Sales Managers Exemplify Excellence

power breezer portable cooler pointed at red fire truck

Sales managers know teamwork is a major key to success. When each member of the sales team supports one another and puts in their best individual efforts, the results are truly amazing. Successful sales managers understand that using the strengths of each team member will produce far greater outcomes than isolated efforts. It is this mindset – delivering one’s best …

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