Automotive Manufacturers Turn to Breezer to Help Beat the Heat 

person manufacturing a car with sparks

Anyone who has worked in automotive manufacturing knows that heat has a drastic effect on workplace morale. While many businesses have a plan in place with portable air conditioners to deal with temperature changes in the summer months, it can be difficult to realize just how much heat day-to-day processes can produce. This was a serious problem for Hendrickson Axle …

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For Construction Workers, Keeping Cool in the Summer is a Safety Concern 

Yellow excavator on a construction site with dirt and trees

As summers continue to get hotter and hotter, the seasonal spike in heat-related deaths for workers will only get worse. Though outdoor workers in a variety of industries are vulnerable to the intense heat and the negative health effects. OSHA reports that construction workers suffer more than 40% of these highly preventable deaths.[1] Despite the ever-increasing temperatures each summer, there are …

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Keeping Workers Safe: Heat is on the rise for Australian Government Releasing New Heat Safety Guidelines

sunny desert rocks and trees from Breezer Mobile Cooling

Australia’s heatwave continues with record temperatures and sweltering conditions. As the mercury is set to soar past 40°C, the nation is on high alert. Emergency services are prepared for catastrophic fire conditions and the public has been urged to have bushfire survival plans ready. Soccer matches and cricket games have been postponed nationwide due to the scorching heat and the …

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Cool Team Mates With Big Hearts And Helping Hands

Four volunteers at food kitchen from Breezer Mobile Cooling

Breezer Mobile Cooling Co-Workers Determined To Make A Difference The savory aroma of a home-cooked meal, clattering dishes, cheery conversations and happy laughter – it’s lunch time! Welcome to the Broward Outreach Center, where in 2017 alone, 970,000 nutritious meals were given to men, women and children in need. Established in 1992, the Center’s various outreaches include food programs, safe …

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