Major Decision in Favor of Inmates in Texas

Major-Decision-in-Favor-of-Inmates-in-Texas prison barbed wire depth of field closeup

Twenty-two inmates in Texas prisons have suffered heat stroke-related deaths since 1998, according to a report submitted to US District Judge Keith Ellison in a recent lawsuit on behalf of Texas prisoners. Jeff Edwards, attorney for the inmates, argued that Texas heat is dangerous for any inmate, but especially those confined without portable air conditioners or who have certain health …

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Cool Team Mates With Big Hearts And Helping Hands

Four volunteers at food kitchen from Breezer Mobile Cooling

Breezer Mobile Cooling Co-Workers Determined To Make A Difference The savory aroma of a home-cooked meal, clattering dishes, cheery conversations and happy laughter – it’s lunch time! Welcome to the Broward Outreach Center, where in 2017 alone, 970,000 nutritious meals were given to men, women and children in need. Established in 1992, the Center’s various outreaches include food programs, safe …

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Merriest of Holiday Wishes from Breezer Mobile Cooling

Merriest of Holiday Wishes from Breezer Mobile Cooling-min

Temperatures are dropping, trees are trimmed, and the smell of cinnamon and peppermint is in the air. The joy of the Season isn’t just for children, though. There is so much to be thankful for and even more to look forward to. Here at Breezer Mobile Cooling, we are thinking of you! This Season, we reflect with gratitude on the …

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Supporting the American Correctional Association: Breezer Mobile Cooling to exhibit at ACA Winter Conference 2018

yellow sun shining through silhouette of wire fence in community

The American Correctional Association (ACA) will host its Winter Conference 2018 from January 4-9 in Orlando. Once again, the ACA will provide a premier platform for corrections professionals to interact, learn and grow. Hailed as one of the most-attended events in the industry, the conference is expected to be an engaging and thought-provoking summit with a highlight on sector-related technology …

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As Australian Summers Get Hotter, the Power Breezer Heads Down Under 

portable cooling Australia

The classic popsicle on the poolside combination may have met its match in Australia. With possible 50 degrees celsius (122 fahrenheit!) summers on the horizon, those down under are on the lookout for any way to beat the heat.[1] Smashing heat records from spring to late summer, Australia is facing some of the most intense heat in the world. Trends …

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The Math is easy: Keeping Everyone Cool Pays Off

red and yellow Roller Coaster on a sunny day

Always with a finger at the pulse of the industry, global warming made its way on the educational topic list at IAAPA 2017. Renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing waste material were major talking points amongst industry educators, park owners and operators alike. Thanks to its green and energy efficient range of mobile air coolers, …

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Big or small – Good Causes Matter!

Giving Tuesday

Breezer Mobile Cooling Employees Volunteer their Time and Resources to Spread Love this Holiday Season! The Thanksgiving Holiday is officially behind us, but at Breezer Mobile Cooling, the spirit of gratitude and love lingers on. In an effort to lend a helping hand to the local community, some of our team members have launched the “Feeding the Homeless” project a …

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Preventing Heatstroke is About Having Proper Knowledge and Equipment

ten year old boy drinking from a water bottle with sunlight in front of a fence

The human body is an expert tightrope walker. The tightrope, in this case, is the body’s internal temperature. On the colder side, the body’s internal temp can drop up to 28 degrees.1 That’s quite the margin for error when you consider just a mere 5 degrees upward will lead to heatstroke and probable death.2Being aware of this constant delicate balance …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling Top Ten List

power breezer portable cooler on stage on the beach

Check out ten cool reasons why Breezer Mobile Cooling fans are our favorite: Portable and Rugged – Breezer Mobile Cooling fans are mobile and hard-wearing. They can easily be moved to where cooling is needed, both indoors and outdoors. Easy Set-up – Breezer Mobile Cooling fans are self-contained and take just two minutes to set-up. Simply add water to the …

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Keeping the Kingdom Cool: Breezer Makes the Move to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Map

In the hottest places on earth, staying cool isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. This is certainly the case in Saudi Arabia, where recent high temperatures have ranged from 43˚C to 52˚C. With this level of heat, it can be difficult to keep workers, residents, and visitors of the nation cool. Breezer Mobile Cooling recently received authorization to sell their …

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In the Wake of Hurricanes, Breezer Mobile Cooling Creates a Climate of Safety

military first responders wearing orange vests pulling a boat through a Flooded Highway

Relief and recovery efforts continue in areas of the U.S. mainland, Caribbean and Puerto Rico ravaged by this year’s devastating spate of hurricanes. Adding to the devastation is sweltering heat and humidity, placing an additional burden on both, victims and aid workers alike. Keeping cool is not only crucial to the health of hurricane victims, but also to the success …

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Soccer Moms and Kangaroos: Playing It Cool

Kangaroo close up face in australia power breezer

Nature has some really cool ways to beat the heat! Just like humans, animals sometimes suffer on hot, sweltering days and scramble to find a cool hideout or ways to cool down. Because heat is life threatening in many areas of the world, living creatures have evolved to survive in scorching temperatures. That’s why humans sweat, evaporating high energy molecules …

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Annual Fundraiser Brings Communities Together to Have Fun and Support Our Vets

Power Breezer in a hanger with military airplane as soldiers reach inside portable cooler

Every year, the Dougherty Valley/San Ramon (DVSR) Rotary Club hosts their V3 Hopfest, a bike ride and celebration that helps fundraise for the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation. By helping wounded veterans transition back into civilian life, this scholarship is a powerful way to support this country’s heroes. Breezer Mobile Cooling shares the Rotary Club’s commitment to aiding wounded veterans …

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Avoid Dangerous Safety and Costly Performance Consequences by Cooling Hot Work spaces

industrial manufacturing worker in black apron and welding mask using a tool with sparks and smoke

Many work environments are exposed to elevated temperatures.  It’s so commonplace that the risks are often normalized and considered “just part of the job.”  Complacency towards these risks results in thousands of heat related illnesses and injuries every year.  The risks of performing work in hot condition should not be ignored as the business impacts can be costly and the …

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Playing it SAFE: Breezer Mobile Cooling Heads to NSC Congress & Expo 2017

Power Breezer at Congress Expo 2017

National Safety Council (NSC) will open its doors on September 25th this year for the NSC Congress & Expo. Thousands of safety experts will gather in Indianapolis, Indiana to discuss pertinent issues in the realm of workplace safety. The nation’s leading safety advocate for more than 100 years, the National Safety Council is a nonprofit organization with the mission of …

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Dangers of Heat to Football Players Practicing Outdoors Lead to Injury and Even Death

back of football player in white and burgundy uniform running on field toward team power breezer portable cooler

We’ve all seen the headlines about the dangers of concussions for football players. While this topic has become part of the national conversation, there is another danger to players that need addressing as well: heat. The dangers of heat to football players practicing outdoors are real. Both high school and college football teams often begin practice for the fall season …

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