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Posted 8 months ago

Everyone deserves to be cool. You cool? Are you a rare creative talent with a penchant for psychology and a nerdy stats side (that you struggle to keep hidden from view)? If you’re a relentlessly metrics-driven digital marketing dynamo, an SEO beast, Kahneman and Cialdini got nothing on you, and you can demonstrate successful campaigns you programmed, we can’t wait to meet you! We are working hard to continuously evolve our content marketing, and are adding to the mix daily using both analytics and art. We’re looking for a digital marketing prodigy to push that forward.

Who are we? We bring cool to the world in a high growth start-up environment making mobile cooling systems. There’s never a dull moment, and we work directly with the coolest customers in the military, manufacturing, aviation, and athletics (Shhh!!! We’re on the sidelines of nearly half the NFL and growing fast). At Breezer, we expect our team members to deliver results, but as equally important, we want to learn from our mistakes by leveraging the power of reflection. We are looking for team members that can thrive in a culture where vigorous debate is healthy with an assumed positive intent to make us better. An aggressive thought leader with an entrepreneurial approach will fit well within the Breezer family. Each of us enjoys wearing many hats, and we have each other’s back. We are Breezer Mobile Cooling.

In a world that is getting hotter and heat records being broken year after year, Breezer Cooling keeps people safe and productive. Everyone deserve to be cool, especially people working in the hottest, harshest environments where we cool like no one else can. Our cool fans are engineered to keep our armed forces, athletes and many others safe and productive. We cool the NFL, MLB, NCAA, Amusement Parks, the largest Industrial and Manufacturing facilities and most importantly all branches of U.S. Armed Forces worldwide. While we are based in South Florida, our team is video conferencing from all over the U.S. and we are always on the look for entrepreneurial, driven, creative people to join our team.


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