Breezer Mobile Cooling is Announcing Extended Customer Service Hours: “Everyone deserves to be cool and we are here to make it happen”


Excellent Customer Service Builds Trust Dimensional Research, an independent market research company, conducted a survey of 1,046 individuals. Each respondent had dealt with customer service in a mid-sized company. They ranked “Excellence in Customer Service” as the #1 factor affecting their trust in a company. Respondents who had a good customer service experience were asked what specifically made that experience …

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Beat the Heat: Top Ten List of What to Avoid When Working in High Temperatures

Top Ten List of What to Avoid When Working in High Temperatures

The heat is on – the first heat wave of the year is scorching the U.S.A. Record high temperatures and oppressive humidity result in Excessive Heat Warnings across the country. The brutal heat can turn deadly. Caution is advised, particularly when working inside with poor ventilation and no A/C. Working outside in an urban environment can also put workers at …

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The Heat is On Heat-Related Illnesses – Be Aware of the Basics, Protect Lives


Prolonged or intense exposure to hot temperatures can cause heat-related illnesses. The target groups at risk do range from the elderly to children, from construction workers to athletes. The good news is that by reducing excessive sun exposure and by taking precautionary steps, such as drinking lots of water, taking rest breaks, wearing light, protective clothing, most heat-related illnesses can …

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Fostering a Culture of Heat Safety Pays Off

Fostering a Culture of Heat Safety Pays Off

Safety is a critical part of any workplace, of any workday. While many organizations have safety programs in place, not all of them do consider heat safety. Heat can often be one of the most overlooked threats to workers, when performing work – inside and outside. Employees working in high heat can suffer a variety of injuries. In fact, the …

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“Cool” is Not Just a Feeling – Heat Challenges in the Logistics Sector


Working in the logistics environment comes with its own set of challenges. Fast-moving conveyor belts and equipment emit heat. Peak seasons often require 24-hour operation. Not all warehouses, sortation and fulfillment centers have automated climate control. Everyone deserves to be cool and as temperatures rise, so do the challenges. It’s no secret that excessive heat decreases productivity. Mistakes increase, as …

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Reduce Suffering and Improve Safety during Disaster Recovery: Keep Heat in Check

Reduce Suffering and Improve Safety during Disaster Recovery Keep Heat in Check

Hurricane season has officially begun. Images from the aftermath of recent disasters with flooded areas, destroyed homes, and displaced families are still vivid in our minds. The strain on the affected communities seems endless. Disaster victims suffer. Often the disaster relief workers are also pushed to their very limits. There are doubtlessly many challenges to the recovery effort and increased …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling Keeps Workers Cool – Now with the O2


Heat is the adversary of many industrial workplaces. Especially those where traditional cooling devices aren’t available or viable. But keeping cool doesn’t have to be complicated. From space constraints to safety concerns, you need a versatile cooling solution to deliver cooling exactly where you need it. Introducing the O2, the latest cooling device from Breezer Mobile Cooling. Portable and powerful, the …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling to Hit Hawaii at LANPAC 2018


LANPAC 2018 is coming up on May 22-24, and Breezer Mobile Cooling is excited to attend! This world-class international event will be held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, HI. It will highlight the role of land forces in the Indo-Asia-Pacific theater and their contributions to the Joint Force in both peacetime and war. The Association of the United …

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Hot Summer Days Await—Keep Outdoor Workers Safe from Heat Illness


The heat of summer is coming. For any business with outside workers, there are serious concerns about heat danger. Whether it’s in the humidity of Florida or the desert’s dry heat, there are many who will toil under the sun in the coming months, feeling the impact of excessive seasonal warmth. OSHA reports 65,000 people seek medical treatment for heat …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling Heads to the 2018 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

AAAA Summit-min

This year’s Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit takes place from April 25 – April 27 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Breezer Mobile Cooling is proud to participate in this premier event dedicated to the army aviation community. We’ll be in booth #1501, eager to support the U.S. Airforce and excited to demonstrate our mobile, …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling Advocates Innovative Aviation Cooling Solutions at MRO Americas 2018


Aviation Heats Up Heat-related injuries are an unfortunate threat to aviation employees. For employees working in cargo, maintenance, or hangers, rising temperatures often lead to severe heat-related illnesses and injuries. Also, these occupational hazards can ground crews and delay work. OSHA Shares Heat Stories to Educate OSHA’s core mission is to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for America’s workforce, …

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The Ducting Kit Takes Power Breezer’s Cooling Power Even Further

The-Ducting-Kit-Takes-Power-Breezer’s-Cooling-Power-Even-Further military camouflage truck

In years past, employee comfort was not a top priority for business owners. Depending on the field, poor air quality and sweltering temperatures were just part of the job. But thanks to modern technology and some hard-won legal battles, employers today are compelled by state laws and federal OSHA guidelines to keep workplace climates at a safe and comfortable temperature. …

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Loud And Proud – Say It With A Head Sleeve

Loud And Proud Say It With A Head Sleeve american flag power breezer head sleeve

Compelling Head Sleeve Branding by Breezer Mobile Cooling In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to stand out and leave an impression. Breezer Mobile Cooling has come up with a simple way to do just that – with visually compelling head sleeve branding. Made from long-lasting, wrinkle, and fade resistant stretch nylon, our head sleeves are designed to …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling is Proud to be Part of the 2018 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo

Breezer-Mobile-Cooling-is-Proud-to-be-Part-of-the-2018-Ohio-Safety-Congress--Expo cityscape landscape skyline ohio sunset power breezer

Breezer Mobile Cooling (BMC) is proud to announce its support of the safety industry through participation at the 2018 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo (OSC18) as an exhibitor and presenter. This exposition, sponsored by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, helps businesses keep their workforce safe, healthy, and productive. More than 200 educational sessions, guest presenters from various states, and over 250 …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling is Proud to Exhibit at Two Premier U.S. Military Events

Breezer-Mobile-Cooling-is-Proud-to-Exhibit-at-Two-Premier-U.S.-Military-Events american flag bottom view sky background with clouds

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) is presenting the Global Force Symposium and Exposition for members of industry, academia, and the military community at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama from March 26th through the 28th, 2018. The three-day event combines the interests and ideas of warfighters and Senior Army Leaders with the spirit of entrepreneurial and …

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Major Decision in Favor of Inmates in Texas

Major-Decision-in-Favor-of-Inmates-in-Texas prison barbed wire depth of field closeup

Twenty-two inmates in Texas prisons have suffered heat stroke-related deaths since 1998, according to a report submitted to US District Judge Keith Ellison in a recent lawsuit on behalf of Texas prisoners. Jeff Edwards, attorney for the inmates, argued that Texas heat is dangerous for any inmate, but especially those confined without portable air conditioners or who have certain health …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling Recreates Iconic Television Ad

Some images live in our minds for years, even decades, after we’ve seen them. Such is the case with the classic television ads of the 1980s. For a quick trip down memory lane, you’ll definitely want to check out the fun we’ve been having at Breezer Mobile Cooling. Even after 5,000 hours, our innovative mobile cooling system still delivers powerful …

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Automotive Manufacturers Turn to Breezer to Help Beat the Heat 

person manufacturing a car with sparks

Anyone who has worked in automotive manufacturing knows that heat has a drastic effect on workplace morale. While many businesses have a plan in place with portable air conditioners to deal with temperature changes in the summer months, it can be difficult to realize just how much heat day-to-day processes can produce. This was a serious problem for Hendrickson Axle …

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