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Breezer Helps Beat the Heat at the Dubai Airport Show

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With over 7000 participants from dozens of countries, the Dubai Airport Show is the most exciting event in the aviation industry, and Breezer Mobile Cooling is proud to be participating in a big way. We believe Dubai is the perfect place to introduce our Power Breezer technology to the Middle East aviation market. With a team of experts and an excellent display at the ready, visitors will witness the significant impact of our cooling solutions on the region’s aviation workforce.

We are thrilled to go back to UAE to introduce the airport market in the Middle East to our innovative cooling solutions,” said Jethro Coe III, regional sales manager of Breezer Mobile Cooling. “Everyone deserves to be cool. Our products are ideal to manage hot temperatures and mitigate heat stress, which is crucial, especially in a region where temperatures easily climb above 38 degrees Celsius.”

Working at an airport is demanding job no matter what environment you’re in, but the extreme heat of the Middle East has unique additional challenges. With workers at a significant risk for heat related injuries, cooling solutions are a necessity. The Power Breezer can cool a 3000 square foot area by as much as 15 degrees Celsius, greatly improving the safety of your employees.

In addition, cooling a work area leads to higher productivity and greater efficiency. Research shows that for every degree past 25 degrees Celsius, workforce productivity declines by 2 percent. This means that lowering the temperature even a few degrees can lead to big savings in hot environments. The Power Breezer achieves this by combining elements of jet engine technology and fluid dynamics to provide a unique cooling solution with immediate results. Our on-site demonstrations at our booth in Dubai will illustrate for our current and future business partners how effective this technology is.

Originally designed for the U.S. Military, the Power Breezer is perfectly suited for exterior airport work areas. With an integrated water tank supporting 50 hours of operation, it is quiet, energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Unlike other cooling systems, the Power Breezer also keeps machinery and staff dry. Visitors will be able to test the technology for themselves and witness the easy set-up and extreme durability of a cooling system built to last.

With the latest trends and innovations on display at the 2017 Dubai Airport Show, Breezer Mobile Cooling cannot wait to see where the aviation industry is headed. We are also excited for you to experience the Power Breezer for yourself. Stop by booths 5430 and 5331 to talk with our team and see how we can help improve workplace morale and productivity through state-of-the-art cooling solutions.

To check out our products ahead of time, visit us at We look forward to seeing you in Dubai!

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