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Breezer Mobile Cooling Keeps Workers Cool – Now with the O2


Heat is the adversary of many industrial workplaces. Especially those where traditional cooling devices aren’t available or viable. But keeping cool doesn’t have to be complicated. From space constraints to safety concerns, you need a versatile cooling solution to deliver cooling exactly where you need it. Introducing the O2, the latest cooling device from Breezer Mobile Cooling. Portable and powerful, the O2 evaporative cooling unit is smaller than the Power Breezer, less expensive than air conditioning and more effective than traditional fans.

Small Space? No Problem, the O2 Is Built for Compact Spaces

The ideal cooling solution for a variety of applications, the O2 works in both interior and exterior environments. It requires no filters, so no additional costs or change schedules to worry about. There is no tripping hazard with no garden hose attachment required. And with a fan head weighing less than 50 pounds, the O2 is portable enough for one person to move. You can transport the unit to follow workday processes and flows. The compact design also means space isn’t a concern. It fits nicely in even the smallest places with a footprint of only 26.3” wide.

Cooler Workspaces Keep Workers Comfortable and Productive

You want your workers to focus on their job, not the heat. You’ll need to ensure they are comfortable and cool. Then you will see less mistakes, too, as those happen when workers are distracted or not thinking clearly. Not only are you helping to reduce mistakes, but you also increase productivity. When workers are more comfortable, they are happier, which boosts their efficiency.

Keep It Cool, Keep It Safe

When workers are comfortable and cool, heat safety concerns are diminished. Using the O2 as part of your heat safety plan offers employers peace of mind. The O2 delivers an oscillating cooling mist to cover an area as large as 1,500 sq. ft. It has the capacity to cool spaces by up to 27°F, while consuming a minimal amount of electricity when compared to central air. The O2 can greatly improve the safety of work environments without a huge investment or complex set-up. 

Bring Coolness into Your Spaces with the O2 Today

Limited stock is available with this initial roll-out of the O2 and demand is high. Contact us today to learn more about our newest cooling solution and if it’s the right cooling unit for your space. Complete the form and we’ll be in touch to set-up a free heat assessment. Need direct purchasing? We can also connect you with a dealer. Keep your workforce cool and protected from the effects of heat with the O2.

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