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Power Breezer® Brings Innovative Solution to a Centuries-Old Process

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Mobile Cooling Unit Reduces Downtime, Improves Efficiency

Metal casting originated thousands of years ago and thanks to technological advancements, it continues to play a vital role in our everyday lives. Industries such as farming, mining, and oil and gas extraction rely on the strength and durability of cast metal products to keep operations running smoothly.

Like every manufacturer, foundries are continually looking for the most cost-effective ways to maximize operational efficiency without compromising quality, while keeping foundry workers cool, safe and productive.

Minimizing production downtime is critical
During casting, liquid metal is poured into molds where it cools and hardens. Periodically the molds must undergo maintenance which requires they be taken off line and cooled to room temperature before work can begin. Every minute that molds are out of service impacts foundry revenue, so it’s essential that maintenance work be performed quickly and efficiently.

One foundry found a simple and cost-effective way to reduce maintenance downtime by using the Power Breezer®. It took four days for its large molds to cool sufficiently before maintenance could be performed. By aiming two Power Breezers at the molds, cooling time was cut in half – it dropped from four days to two, enabling maintenance to begin sooner. Just as critical in the cooling process: the ability to fully control Power Breezer’s fan speed and cooling level. If the fan speed had been too high or the temperature too cold, the molds could have been damaged. By integrating Power Breezer into its maintenance plan, the foundry minimized downtime and maximized efficiency to get production up and running more quickly to continue meeting customer demand.

Preventing foundry heat stress
In metal casting operations, minimizing employee downtime from heat stress is as critical as minimizing production downtime. Heat stress is a serious concern for all foundry workers but the potential is greatest for the crews who work with molten metal and those who remove castings from their molds. The heavy head-to-toe protective gear required for foundry workers can also contribute to the problem. Heat stress often sets in before the worker realizes it. Their work pace slows, they have less energy, and they’re more prone to making costly, and sometimes deadly, mistakes.

Power Breezer: the ideal industrial cooling solution
A comprehensive heat stress management plan is essential to protecting foundry workers and enabling them to get the job done safely and on schedule. It trains them to recognize the danger signs and provides frequent rest re-hydration breaks. Power Breezer can play a key role in the foundry’s plan. It is the industry’s most technologically advanced mobile cooling unit and is designed to keep workers in a healthy thermal comfort zone. It can cool up to a 3,000 square-foot area by up to 27°F. The hotter it is, the better the Power Breezer works.

Whether it’s cooling down molds for maintenance or cooling foundry workers so they stay safe and productive, the Power Breezer minimizes downtime and helps keep the business moving forward. It’s a reliable, cost-effective solution that delivers big returns for plants, factories and foundries.

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