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Built on a Diverse Workforce Unified by Common Values

power breezer portable cooler in a park cooling off happy workers in black uniforms

The central irony at Breezer Mobile Cooling is we prevent you from melting on the job by embracing one of the most important metaphors for America itself: the melting pot! Let me explain: America is often referred to as a melting pot because of the valuable diversity of its population. We at Breezer like to think of ourselves as a great American company, where you will not only find all our products are designed, developed, and assembled in the U.S.A., but employees who reflect our country’s great diversity. With team members from Columbia, Peru, Germany, Russia, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Israel, South Africa, Canada, and many other backgrounds, we may all look or sound different, but we share the same values: a dedication to hard work, belief in the value of a job well done, and a deep commitment to serving the U.S. military. And, of course, our central belief – that everyone deserves to be cool.

Breezer believes a company’s culture should always be inclusive. That’s why we employ individuals from many different countries who now call America home. This diversity and inclusiveness allows us to be a strong, innovative company that delivers quality products proudly made in America. We are happy to be supporting our local communities and economy by keeping all our functions here in the U.S. By not offshoring production or customer service, we are better able to serve our customers, contribute to the local economy, and benefit from the amazing talent right here.

Exceptional companies are made of great people, and Breezer’s employees are truly remarkable – hard-working, dedicated, and innovative. Our melting pot culture helps to keep you cooler in your environment by allowing us to be the best manufacturer and supplier of environmental cooling systems in the U.S. Breezer proudly stands behind the products you are thankful to be standing before. We don’t just stand behind our products – we also stand in front of them! Our maintenance and warehouse operations are cooled by Power Breezers.

Breezer is proof that manufacturing is still a vibrant industry in the U.S. Making our products in the America ensures they meet the safety requirements of this country, meaning you don’t have to compromise quality. As an added bonus, you don’t have to compromise on price, either. The diversity of our workforce ensures we have a wide variety of talents and perspectives, even as we are unified in common goals and common American values. This makes us a stronger company.

Breezer Mobile Cooling lives the American dream. We are proud of our diversity, and we are equally proud to be an American company with 100 percent of our design and manufacturing done in the U.S. Our differences are our strength, and our great American values form our core identity. Out of many, we are indeed one. American manufacturing is still a strong part of our communities and economy. All of Breezer’s products are made here, and we have experts in our offices ready to take your calls or handle any maintenance issues. Customers never have to wait on hold for hours or be passed around a call center.

We’re glad to share our story with the country. We hope it can inspire entrepreneurs and small businesses to keep a healthy culture with diversity and retain jobs here in the U.S.

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