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Cool Air, Warm Hearts

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There’s nothing more heartwarming than when people come together in support of a good cause. That’s why every year, West Hialeah Baptist Church in Miami, Florida, hosts a health fair where volunteers from the University of Miami provide mammograms and blood tests to individuals who otherwise would not have access to these critical, and potentially life-saving, health services. But this year, the church suffered a setback – They were going to have to cancel the much-needed philanthropic event because the air conditioning system in their facility broke.

As most people are well aware, Miami can get hot, sweltering hot, and the thick humidity only makes it feel worse. Drawing blood and performing mammograms in such harsh conditions could cause people to faint or suffer heat-related episodes. So, when the fair organizers discovered the air conditioning was on the fritz, Breezer Mobile Cooling stepped in to help.

Breezer Mobile Cooling is a leading provider of innovative cooling solutions. When we heard the church needed some assistance, we were more than happy to lend a hand. We provided their event with our revolutionary Power Breezer unit to keep everyone nice and cool. Power Breezer is a portable cooling fan that combines jet engine science, water atomizing technology, and fluid dynamics to lower temperatures by 27°F. It works both outdoors and indoors, and reaches up to 3000 square feet. The whisper quiet Power Breezer is not a misting fan, but rather a versatile cooling unit that has been specially engineered to deliver a refreshing cool experience without getting people or equipment wet.

Heat can pose a real danger, especially to the young, elderly or infirm. Heat illness and deaths have been documented at temperatures as low as 84° F. Hot temperatures can also lower productivity and lead to costly mistakes, something that especially needed to be avoided when providing blood testing and mammograms. But with the Power Breezer, the organizers were confident the health fair could proceed as scheduled. The rugged, mobile, and convenient cooling unit was quickly and easily deployed to produce an enjoyable, cool atmosphere while volunteers provided charitable health exams.

Over 150 people were able to receive care at this year’s health fair organized by the West Hialeah Baptist Church, and we were glad to play a role in putting on the event. We at Breezer Mobile Cooling love a good cause and supporting our community.

If you’d like to learn more about our wonderful team, or our cooling units, contact us online today at

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