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Cool for The Summer

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No, it wasn’t just your imagination. Summer 2016 was indeed very hot. Scorching hot. In fact, NASA climatologists have declared this past August was the hottest August since recordkeeping began in 1880. If current trends continue, 2016 will edge out 2015 as the warmest year in history. While we like to believe records are made to be broken, endless heat waves and extreme highs pose significant threats to the health and wellbeing of individuals.

During the summer people love to enjoy outdoor activities, especially after thawing out from a frosty winter. Sporting events, beach excursions, even outdoor weddings all rank high on summer to-do lists. But unlike schools, work rarely lets out for the season. Construction workers still have to bang nails under the blistering sun, and factory workers must sweat it out inside large, pressure cooker warehouses. Often, weekenders and laborers alike fall victim to heat stroke, which now claims the lives of roughly 400 people each year.

We normally look to air-conditioning to keep us cool during a scorcher. But air-conditioners aren’t always practical or even possible, especially at partially closed facilities like hangars, or outdoor locations such as construction sites, soccer fields, or military bases. There has to be a way to keep workers and recreationists cool outside during blazing temperatures, and we’ve engineered the perfect solution – the Power Breezer mobile cooling unit.

Portable and compact, the Power Breezer mobile air conditioning unit can lower temperatures in large, even outdoor, areas by as much as 27 degrees. Utilizing jet engine technology and the principles of fluid dynamics, the Power Breezer air water cooler delivers cool, whisper quiet air to places where A/C units can’t reach. Whether it’s a baseball dugout, event tent, or a work site, a free standing, oscillating Power Breezer portable cooler fan allows users to maintain 3,000 square feet of comfort.

We designed the Power Breezer for maximum ruggedness, to meet military standards for protection against sand, dust, rain, heat, and humidity. It’s self-sufficient, relying on its own generator and water tank that can last up to five days. But don’t worry about getting users or equipment wet; atomizing technology creates tiny water droplets that quickly evaporate while cooling. Always mission-ready, the unit can be easily shipped, set up, and broken down with incredible ease.

In the workplace, high temperatures translate to poorly performing, inefficient workers who are at risk of heat related injury or worse. The Power Breezer is a cost-effective air cooler fan solution for keeping employees cool so they can achieve their highest productivity.

The Power Breezer mobile air conditioning unit is also a great addition to weekend and vacation plans. Fun-seekers both young and old looking to enjoy outdoor events can safely do so without having to worry about falling victim to the punishing heat.

The Power Breezer succeeds in places where air-conditioning fails, and without triggering asthma, allergies, and airborne diseases that come with A/C. Now it’s possible to achieve exceptional cooling in large outdoor spaces that were once considered impractical. With next summer threatening to break 2016’s heat record, it’s time to implement precautions to ensure a safe and comfortable environment by contacting us directly at 844-233-5673.

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