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Cost efficient for your Warehouse or Manufacturing company

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Cost cutting at home is one thing, but how does a company save some overhead when it’s a warehouse or manufacturing setting? Here are some quick suggestions:

1. Lighting – HID’s may be brighter, but fluorescent are more energy efficient. Adding a motion sensor to areas that are less utilized will add to those savings also. Natural skylights are also a great way to reduce your lighting costs, as it cuts down on the number of fixtures that would need to be installed.

2. Cooling – In an open-air warehouse, air conditioning is not ideal, or cost effective. However, there are still solutions to be had. Our Power Breezer mobile air conditioning units can cool up to 3,000 square feet by 27 degrees in less than half an hour. At an average of .98 per day to operate, this portable cooler fan is a great solution for any open-air warehouse or loading dock. Another option to look into is cool roof technology, although during winter months this can sometimes increase costs for heating, if necessary.

3. Training – Make sure your employees have all the proper training they need to work quickly and efficiently. Continue to offer retraining for those who feel they need it, or who would simply like to get better at their job. If utilizing any special equipment is essential – such as forklifts – be sure all warehouse personnel know how to operate them, and hold the proper license, if required. This way, if anything needs to be retrieved at any time, you will always have someone who can perform this task.

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