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Decrease Risks of Heat-Related Injury and Increase Productivity with Portable Cooling System

children reaching up to feel power breezer cooling outside in a park

Imagine you’re spending a lot of time on a factory floor – maybe even fifty hours per week because your family could benefit from overtime pay. The environment is loud, sure, but the real problem is the heat. Your surroundings cannot be easily cooled by air conditioners, and regular fans only help so much. It’s fatiguing and it’s unrelenting.

Constant use of machinery and powered tools, working on elevated surfaces, constant and direct exposure to sunlight, and heavy workloads cause thirst and exhaustion. You’re uncomfortable, you’re tired, and you’re more than a little worried you could make a mistake unless conditions change.

Without proper cooling, heat-related illness/injury and decreased productivity are common problems in work environments. Keeping working and training environments cool can be difficult to achieve, particularly if you want to do it efficiently and easily. Fortunately, Breezer Mobile Cooling took on the challenge and developed the Power Breezer, a portable cooling fan that reaches up to 3000 square feet and can lower the temperature by 27°F.

When Breezer Mobile Cooling set out to create the Power Breezer, we weren’t interested in improving existing solutions a little bit. Instead, we went back to the drawing board with a whole new approach. The results are impressive because the thinking behind this solution didn’t follow traditional paths. We reimagined the possibilities and created a truly revolutionary solution. It’s a product that doesn’t even fit in existing categories. So, why is it so special?

  • Engineered to cool outdoor environments, the high-tech Power Breezer® is the most effective solution for cooling partially covered spaces, without getting people or equipment wet. This cooling unit is not a misting fan!
  • Using jet engine technology, this mobile unit is built tough and uses no chemicals, only air and water.
  • It is designed to withstand and perform in the harshest environments and has a low energy footprint –using less energy than a hair dryer!
  • Filter-free and open tank design means clean air and mold free parts with no waste.
  • The Power Breezer® falls within OSHA and Military regulations for daily permissible noise level exposure – even when operating at its highest setting.

Researchers found worker productivity decreases at a rate of 2% per 1.8⁰F increase in temperature past 77⁰F. The loss of worker productivity due to a few degrees of heat can be costly, because the resources that would normally be used to fuel the brain are being redirected to cool down the body. Heat illness and deaths have been documented within a heat index as low as 84°F. And per NASA studies, a 15° difference in temperatures of a work environment can lead to over 3x as many mistakes made by workers. Using Power Breezer® to effectively cool down your workforce can help prevent mistakes and injury, decreasing insurance costs and worker compensation claims, while increasing overall profitability and morale.

Unlike swamp coolers, The Power Breezer® has been specially engineered to cool outdoors and partially covered spaces. It is portable and can easily be ran off a generator. Thanks to the 100-gallon integrated reservoir, this cooling unit is self-sufficient for up to five days of cooling. There is no need for a hose connection – the Power Breezer® is rugged, mobile, and convenient. Risk of heat stress, as well as personnel safety, are concerns of every work environment. The compact, strong, and easy to assemble Power Breezer® addresses these issues by quietly cooling over 3,000 sq. ft. by up to 27°F. This energy efficient evaporative cooler is extremely versatile. It can be used to cool large warehouses, relieve personnel from heat when working or training outdoors, or as a low-cost solution to augment ECUs with cool air.

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