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At Breezer Mobile Cooling, we not only take pride in the quality of our product, but the quality of the people behind it. Every Power Breezer industrial air cooler is assembled in the United States, while 20% of our workforce are veterans of the United States Military. Highly trained and experienced employees like ours are a badge of honor we wear proudly.

While we are dedicated to providing jobs to those who have served our country, the incredible benefits of having veterans on staff surprise us every day. Not only are the veterans on our military and government sales team able to easily connect with others on sales calls, they are uniquely able to determine exactly what need may exist, and help us tailor our products to meet a wide range of applications for our clients.

The majority of our sales team and all but one of our sales managers are veterans. This was not due to any favorability or preference on our part. It happened because the veterans we employ have shown time and time again that not only are they incredibly adept at working as a team, they are also very independent and know the entire group’s success is dependent on the success of each individual. Hiring vets also means we are hiring employees who not only have hands-on experience with a variety of technologies, but also have unique perspectives that allow them to think outside the box, whether it’s in product development or out on the road building relationships with future clients.

Our Power Breezer® cooling technology was designed for military use, meaning our employees help suggest adaptations we can make to expand its already wide range of applications. Thanks to their input and research, the Power Breezer® stand alone air conditioner can be used for anything from temporary barracks to vehicle maintenance, from aircraft hangers to event tents. We’ve also made sure the evaporative cooler fan technology meets MIL-STD 810G for sand, dust, rain, heat and humidity. No matter how tough and harsh the climate, Breezer Mobile Cooling has made it possible for individuals to remain comfortable and ensure work doesn’t suffer due to poor conditions.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in a workplace reduces injuries, raises productivity and increases employee retention. Our goal at Breezer is to make sure your workplace needs are met, and we work hard to ensure we are able to deal with any challenge you may be facing. We strive for integrity and dedication in our work and in our relationships with clients. With an amazing team of employees, our Florida-based company stands apart from the competition.

Our products are designed and assembled in America and we are dedicated to helping our nation’s military. Whether your cooling needs are for an outdoor celebration or a project in a harsh environment, Breezer Mobile Cooling has solutions for you.

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