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What Does Good Customer Service Mean to You?

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We all have some idea of what a good customer experience involves: someone who listens to what we are saying, who understands our needs, and will work to solve our problems courteously and efficiently. Unfortunately, very often this isn’t the experience we have. More and more often, even at the biggest companies, we call for customer service, and end up connected to a call center. Often, that call center is somewhere overseas, staffed by representatives who may speak little English, or know very little about the products of the companies they are working for. The result? Customers end up angry, frustrated, and ultimately, unsatisfied.

Breezer Mobile Cooling is a Florida-based company committed to developing the best evaporative air cooler to make environments more comfortable. Engineered to cool outdoor environments, our Power Breezer is a mobile evaporative air cooler that can be used to make work environments safer and more comfortable for commercial and industrial workers, athletes, troops, and first responders. Our customer service is a huge part of our business, and we take pride in being there for our customers. Thanks to modern technology, problems and challenges can be tackled in real time. Rather than having to talk to someone in a foreign call center, clients can speak to a knowledgeable customer care representative in our headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

All of our customer service personnel actually come from our manufacturing line. They’ve built it. They’ve troubleshot it. They’ve touched it. This makes all the difference in comparison to someone trained to read a manual and follow a flowchart on the phone. We pride ourselves on our employees, many of whom are veterans, and we stand behind our product. Should an issue arise, we are here to take care of it As proud as we are of our company and our industrial air coolers, we know it doesn’t mean anything if we don’t take care of our customers.

Most people recognize the value of a great customer experience. Brands and businesses that deliver it are ones we want to patronize as customers – and recommend to our friends and family. Loyalty is built on quality customer service. But as executives leading businesses, the value of delivering a great customer experience is often a lot less clear. It can be hard to quantify.

Although many companies continue to struggle by outsourcing agents who are unfamiliar with both U.S. customs and culture – and at times, even language – Breezer Mobile Cooling is confident in its choice to adhere to a standard of service based on actual employee experience and real-time communication. Breezer Mobile Cooling is committed to developing the best products and the best service for our valued customers.

Are you ready to learn more about how the evaporative cooling Power Breezer can help you? Contact us directly at 844-233-5673 or visit today!

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