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A Green Way to Create a Comfortable Environment

three sweating runners standing in front of power breezer portable cooler fan

Do you have a big space that is becoming too hot for productive work, storage or leisure? Did you know most people feel comfortable between 68-80°F when the relative humidity ranges between 35-60 percent? 1 Our human bodies are not made to deal with heat on a daily basis. Extreme heat environments can overwhelm our body’s ability to cope with external heat. Providing a comfortable environment for work, play, and living is important for the health of your employees and clients, to keep productivity high.

As you look for a tool to help provide a comfortable environment, you may look to a traditional evaporative cooler. This kind of cooler uses between three and 15 gallons of water per hour, upwards of 66 gallons of water per day, so it’s important to consider what this kind of large water usage might mean. 2 Water levels around the world are declining, which impacts human health and the environment. 3 Large water usage also costs your organization a high price, and finding a way to decrease your use can help your bottom line.

A cooler that saves water while still providing excellent results is a better option. The Power Breezer portable cooler fan uses atomizing technology that not only cools down many outdoor or warehouse type spaces, but is also good for the environment. The Power Breezer uses 20 gallons of water per day, far lower than traditional coolers. And, unlike other coolers, the Power Breezer does not use any chemicals like Freon. The lack of chemicals means no environmental contamination. The Power Breezer also uses no filters or nozzles that calcify, clog and attract mold and mildew in traditional coolers. Replacing these short term nozzles is costly for you and the environment; with the Power Breezer, those costs are eliminated.

The Power Breezer is a low energy system, using less wattage than a hair dryer. It also isn’t as loud as traditional cooler systems. Noise pollution can disrupt workers, and some companies have even had to take measures such as distributing noise cancelling headphones due to cooler system noise. 4 The Power Breezer falls within OSHA and U.S. Military regulations for daily permissible noise level exposure.

Rugged, built to withstand the elements, and recyclable, the Power Breezer is an eco-friendly mobile air cooler solution for providing your workforce or game day friends some relief from harmful heat. The Power Breezer room air cooler allows you to set the temperature for climate and personal preferences while also using less energy than competitors. Using far less water than traditional coolers and requiring much less maintenance, the Power Breezer is the cooler of a sustainable future.


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