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Heat Stress is a Hazard

power breezer cooler cooling down industrial workers rewiring

The experienced safety manager is aware that heat stress poses a hazard to worker safety indoors as well as outdoors. Heat stress can occur in well-ventilated facilities as a result of local heat sources such as steam, hot machinery, and engines.

Heat stress is particularly a problem in the construction, commerce and oil and gas industries. Studies have shown that people make more mistakes as temperatures increase (rise) – thereby increasing chance of injury when dealing with heavy machinery.

Heat stress can be easily averted with preventative action.

Using a Power Breezer® evaporative cooler to effectively cool down your workforce can help prevent mistakes and injury, increasing workplace safety.

Power Breezer® portable cooling units are specially engineered to cool outdoors and open spaces. Equipped with a 100-gallon water tank, the Power Breezer® air cooler fan doesn’t require a continuous water supply. The Power Breezer’s® green design keeps workers cool without getting equipment wet.

Avoid unnecessary safety risks with Power Breezer®.

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