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Humor and Fresh Air – Lifesavers, Seriously!


Jethro Coe III
MP, US Army Ret.
We all know it – peak performance is mission critical. Whether in private or professional life, sustained mental, emotional and physical energy is needed to achieve desired results and to experience success. On my personal road to success, I have found that finding your funny bone does provide many tangible benefits. Humor does positively impact individuals and organizations and the overall performance of both. In certain situations the benefits can even be lifesaving.

When my unit was deployed to Iraq in 2003, we experienced numerous horrific situations and loss of many fellow soldiers. When dealing with this, a sense of humor – as it may seem impossible or inappropriate to have in this kind of environment – is very much needed and extremely helpful. We had daily sessions of joking around the burn pit (where we literally burned our own waste). We made jokes and did skits of our favorite movies, songs and things that happened that day. This really got us through the day and enabled us to continue on with our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Arms. Back in 2003, the ability to laugh in the time of war helped built solid relationships and many of them are even stronger today, thirteen years later, than back then. War is ugly, dark and full of disparity. Through all of the smoke and noise, you will always find a group of soldiers laughing about something! Laughter, it’s the saving armor to our sanity and an amazing morale booster.

It would have made a real difference if at that time we would have had Power Breezer from Breezer Mobile Cooling! Blazing heat with temperatures above 100° F day in day out are a burning reality in Iraq. Heat stress is no laughing matter. It does endanger lives and can greatly impair the success of a mission. And just like humor, cool, fresh air can be a lifesaver and morale booster for any soldier.  

I am proud that today, I help keep soldiers cool by protecting them from heat stress and serious heat injuries through mobile cooling technology from Breezer Mobile Cooling. Mission ready in no time, Power Breezer is easy to set up. It’s virtually maintenance-free and the compact unit is rugged and built to last. Best of all,  Power Breezer does not get troops or equipment wet. Thanks to a targeted airstream, it powerfully cools down 3,000 sq ft by up to 27° F. As a military client puts it “In addition to the obvious safety benefits for our soldiers, we have also benefited from their increased morale, performance and enthusiasm, especially during our most demanding training events.”

That’s what’s all about – mitigating risk, keeping soldiers safe and morale high – in combat as well as in training situations. Now that’s something to get happy about, seriously!


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