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Jet Engine Technology, Atomizing Water, and the Power Breezer

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If your staff works outside, keeping them cool isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s essential for employee safety and productivity. Cooling commercial and industrial workers, athletes, troops, and first responders keep them more aware (reducing costly mistakes) and productive. In the long-term, mobile cooling units can reduce worker compensation claims and insurance costs. The Power Breezer is the industry-leading mobile cooling unit, which delivers a blast of cool air to your staff using innovative jet engine technology with fluid dynamics and atomizing technology. The result is a powerful, focused, and quiet air steam unmatched by competitors, which decreases cool-off times, improves workplace safety and increases productivity.

Power Breezer brings together two scientific areas to create an innovative solution: jet engine technology and atomizing water. Jet engine designers rely on a brand of physics called computational fluid dynamics, or CFD, to help them predict the flow field and forces inside an engine. The Power Breezer mobile air conditioning unit uses jet engine technology to create the quietest cooling stream of air on the market. Atomizing water technology allows the Power Breezer to more efficiently and quickly cool an open-air or large enclosed environment. The Power Breezer atomizes water droplets to an incredibly small size, reducing a gallon of water into a fog exceeding the surface area of a football field. Once in the hot air, the tiny droplets rapidly absorb the heat in the environment, evaporate in the process, and cool the surrounding area. No people or nearby equipment gets wet, but the environment becomes significantly cooler.

In additional to technological advances, the Power Breezer mobile air cooler has been designed for durability and ease-of-use. Once you receive your Power Breezer, getting it live is a breeze. It requires no tools to assemble and is easy to set up and break down. With a water tank that will last up to five days, you’ll be able to go about your work instead of maintaining the cooling device. The Power Breezer also gives users total control over moisture settings, fan speed, and oscillation rates. It’s incredibly quiet, ensuring it won’t distract from productivity. Plus, the Power Breezer doesn’t use nozzles or filters, which can get dirty or moldy and require replacement. It’s been designed for military-grade durability with anti-corrosive parts, so you can be sure it’s a worthwhile, long-term investment.

When outdoor work is unavoidable, the Power Breezer air water cooler is essential. Combining jet engine technology with fluid dynamics, the Power Breezer delivers a quiet, focused air stream to ensure your players, staff, or troops stay dry, avoid becoming overheated, and stay productive. Engineered specifically to cool outdoor and in open spaces, the Power Breezer is much more efficient than HVAC and evaporative coolers thanks to its military-grade development.


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