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Jet Propulsion Technology as a Cooling Process

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The deleterious effects of heat are well known to anyone working with machinery and equipment. Friction-generated heat causes mechanical wear and tear on even the strongest metals, and chemical breakdown occurs in hydraulic systems when too much heat is present. However, most of this heat generation cannot be avoided because it’s a natural by-product of the process being undertaken.

Fortunately, machinery and equipment can be designed to lessen the effects of heat. In mechanical systems, lubrication helps. Oils and grease can somewhat minimize the generation of heat, and they can also circulate within a system to carry off heat from heat generation points. But this can only go so far. Metal-weakening friction still occurs, and lubricants break down and become ineffective after prolonged use. In hydraulic systems, heat can cause chemical breakdown of the fluids, which decreases the efficiency of the system. Of course, worn machine parts must be replaced, and lower efficiency decreases productivity. Therefore, an additional cooling method is needed.

The Power Breezer air cooler fan meets this need. It uses an evaporative cooling system and jet propulsion technology to focus a cooling stream directly at high-heat areas of machinery and equipment. The Power Breezer cools an environment dramatically faster than a standard fan, and its advanced atomizer technology does not cause wetting of surfaces. Instead, the micron-sized water particles evaporate on contact, cooling the target without leaving behind potentially problematic moisture.

Power Breezer technology has been in use for some time for the cooling of personnel in high-heat situations. You may have seen it on the sidelines of NFL football games, keeping heavily padded players from overheating on a hot game day. It is also frequently used in high-heat areas to maintain employee comfort, such as in warehouses and construction areas. Perhaps most notably, the Power Breezer has been exceptionally beneficial in keeping military personnel cool in high heat environments like deserts, where its portability and simple construction make it perfect for immediate deployment. Not surprisingly, the Power Breezer portable cooler fan is just as adaptable to machinery and equipment.

Take a standard hot-running, closed gearbox, for example. Heat-generating friction is offset by bathing the gears in a high-grade grease. But friction cannot be eliminated, and therefore heat is always generated. Even the best lubricant cannot maintain stability, even under the best internal conditions. Excessive heat will cause the lubricant to chemically break down. As it breaks down, the lubricant loses its ability to protect the gears from friction wear and broken teeth. It also loses the ability to resist heat. In short time, overheated seals crack, the weakened lubricant leaks out, gears heat up and wear out, and the gearbox must be replaced.

The Power Breezer, with its optional ducting kit, focuses a concentrated stream of cooling, atomized droplets directly around the gearbox, drawing off excess heat, keeping the gearbox cool, and preventing lubricant from breaking down. It does this without leaving any water residue on the gearbox. The life of the gearbox extended and costly, unexpected breakdowns are prevented.

This is just one example of the uses of the Power Breezer air water cooler for equipment and machinery. There are countless other possibilities. A major airline uses the Power Breezer to cool jet engines quickly so maintenance can be performed sooner and turnaround times are reduced. An extruded die manufacturer used it to cool parts 88% faster than with a standard fan. A top automaker cools ovens 67% faster than with a standard fan. Each of these users is seeing increased productivity and reduced costs by using the Power Breezer.

The Power Breezer is self-contained, mobile, and remarkably quiet. It has no filters to change, no hoses to trip over, and can run up to five days on one tank of water. It is made for rugged environments, and passes Military Standard 810-G for sand, dust, rain, heat, and humidity. It passes the Navy’s salt fog test as well. It is NOM certified, ETL certified for the U.S. and Canada, UL507 compliant, and OSHA compliant. Oscillation, moisture settings, and fan speed are adjustable.

Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, mining, transportation, smelting, or any other business that would benefit from a mobile, versatile, and low cost cooling solution, take a look at the Power Breezer small portable air conditioner. Next summer could be even hotter than the last.

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