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Keeping the Kingdom Cool: Breezer Makes the Move to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Map

In the hottest places on earth, staying cool isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. This is certainly the case in Saudi Arabia, where recent high temperatures have ranged from 43˚C to 52˚C. With this level of heat, it can be difficult to keep workers, residents, and visitors of the nation cool. Breezer Mobile Cooling recently received authorization to sell their products in Saudi Arabia, and with years of research and development supporting it, they are ready to rise to the challenge.

Breezer faced some tough obstacles in reaching this goal. The country has stringent safety requirements for Breezer Mobile Cooling to meet. IEC 60335-2-80, for instance, is a set of safety standards regulating the use of fans and cooling systems. Breezer put in the work during product development in order to adhere to these requirements. The expertise of Breezer’s engineers ensures their products are already held to the highest standards from the very beginning.

In addition to these safety requirements, new voltage and frequency combinations were configured to adapt products from United States voltage standards to those of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Breezer took the steps to obtain an SASO Certificate of Conformity: a document required for all exports to the kingdom. For products certification, Breezer submitted them to a Conformity Assessment Programme. During this process, Breezer’s hard work and trademark perseverance paid off. Breezer is now ready to bring their cooling solutions to the region.

Roy White, VP of Products at Breezer, said of this new venture, “Everyone deserves to be cool. It’s why we do what we do. We are very pleased to reach this milestone to help cool the people of Saudi Arabia. We look forward to expanding our international reach.”

Breezer Mobile Cooling’s Power Breezer® helps keep workplaces cool all over the world. From sporting events to aircraft hangers and everything in between, Breezer has a solution for even the hottest climates. With the ability to expand into the Saudi Arabian market, Breezer is one step closer to helping keep the world cool. Click here to learn more about the Power Breezer!

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