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Keeping U.S. Armed Forces Safe from HRI’s: BAMBI and Power Breezer


The U.S. Army issues every soldier a complete set of uniform items with one notable exception: a bra. Over the years, the military has attempted to create a tactical women’s undergarment but found little success in producing the variety of shapes and sizes required for such a piece of clothing. However, this oversight may soon be remedied with a new piece of high tech gear dubbed project BAMBI, short for Biometric Algorithm Monitoring Brassiere Integration. Ultimately, this could provide an innovative new way to keep soldiers cool and safe.

An Undergarment That Can Also Help Keep Soldiers Cool

Ashley Cushon, a designer at the Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center, has made it her mission to design a sports bra that not only fits well, but can also be used to measure biometric performance. The undergarment functions as an integrated platform designed for physiological sensing of a female soldier’s biology, allowing professionals to run the same tests and analyses that previously had been done only on male soldiers. While testing the prototype, female soldiers are hooked up to a Holter monitor to measure the Heat Strain Index, heart rate, and core temperature in order to predict Heat Related Illness (HRI) such as heat stroke, exhaustion, and fatigue. By using an algorithm, researchers can then record heart rate and core temperature data to calculate heat stress on the body.

Power Breezer is Proven to Keep Soldiers Cool 

BAMBI shows that the military is concerned about the risk of heat stress and is looking for ways to mitigate this risk. The Power Breezer from Breezer Mobile Cooling is another way to address it. That’s why the Power Breezer is actually cited by the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command in TRADOC Regulation 350- 29 covering prevention of heat and cold casualties. In this regulation, the U.S. Army recommends providing “cool zones” for deliberate cooling and rest, and utilizing devices including “camouflage cover or solar shades, water trailers/tanks, coolers containing water and sports drinks, Power Breezers/fans and misters, and the AICS.”

Power Breezer is Rugged Enough for the U.S. Army

The compact, rugged, and easy to assemble Power Breezer can quietly cool over 3,000 sq. ft. by up to 27°F. This energy efficient evaporative cooler can be used in outdoor and partially covered spaces without getting personnel, weaponry, or equipment wet. The Power Breezer uses jet engine technology with fluid dynamics to deliver the most powerful, focused, and quiet air stream available, with atomizing technology that creates tiny water droplets that easily evaporate for maximum cooling. The Power Breezer cooling fan is designed and assembled in the USA, meets Department of Defense green initiatives, and passed MIL-STD 810G. This portable air cooler is currently keeping our U.S. Forces around the world cool and safe.

BAMBI and Power Breezer both clearly demonstrate the US Army’s commitment to detect and combat heat stroke, exhaustion, and fatigue. They are booth strong weapons to combat heat. Our U.S. Forces face many threats. These two make sure that heat is not one of them.

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