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The Hidden Costs of Heat: Reduced Productivity and Operational Efficiency

power breezer ducting inside industrial manufacturing factory

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are primarily designed to be functional for a specific production purpose, with employee comfort and cooling concerns being only of secondary consideration.  The results are buildings with high ceilings, vast open spaces, and large mechanical obstructions which make the task of cooling workers and equipment exceedingly difficult. But elevated environmental temperatures in the workplace can lead to heat-related illnesses, and mental and physical fatigue, significantly hindering productivity. Furthermore, hot working conditions dramatically increase the wait time to handle parts and machinery as it takes longer for the equipment to cool.

This heat-related non-productive time is a tremendous process inefficiency that often goes unnoticed, but can brutally impact bottom lines. A proper cooling solution improves the personal comfort of employees, and can be vital to maintaining productivity. But the expense of implementing a cooling system in hot work environments is a decision that can have substantial on-going financial ramifications.  Beyond looking at the price tag of the cooling equipment itself, though, factoring in the hidden costs of productivity and operational efficiency can reveal that opting for the cheapest cooling solution often results in negative impacts to business performance.

The value of effective cooling has been realized across many industries, improving operational efficiency in several businesses:

  • A major airline utilizes innovative engine cooling for faster ground turns.
  • A Texas-based industrial company cools process vats, minimizing maintenance wait times.
  • Kiln cooling performed by a reputable cement company enables faster cleaning and maintenance, saving days of wait time!

Other common uses for cooling in a production setting that can increase productivity are:

  • Extruded parts and castings
  • Furnaces
  • Process vessels
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Rotomolders
  • Automotive
  • Rotating Equipment

Breezer Mobile Cooling, recognizing the hidden costs of heat which can burn a hole in your facility’s wallet and affect overall productivity, has developed their groundbreaking Power Breezer cooler. A high-performance mobile cooling solution featuring an innovative, patented design based on jet propulsion technology, the Power Breezer delivers impressive cooling where it’s needed most.  By utilizing the Power Breezer in their facilities, one of the top five automobile manufacturers has reduced its process cooling time by 50%, while a construction platform manufacturer slashed their process cooling time by a staggering 67%!

Time is money.  With the Power Breezer from Breezer Mobile Cooling, heat related employee non-productivity and process cooling times decrease, resulting in improved working conditions and lower overhead.

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