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The Math is easy: Keeping Everyone Cool Pays Off

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Always with a finger at the pulse of the industry, global warming made its way on the educational topic list at IAAPA 2017. Renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing waste material were major talking points amongst industry educators, park owners and operators alike.

Thanks to its green and energy efficient range of mobile air coolers, Breezer Mobile Cooling is a trusted partner of the IAAPA constituency. With no filters to change, no chemicals to use and no hoses to replace, the cost of ownership of our products is low and the carbon footprint small. As venues strive to provide demanding guests with a superior experience, it’s paramount to ensure their safety and comfort. Overheating in waiting lines and at concession stands is not fun and can be dangerous. Hot temperatures during outdoors events not only dampen the festive spirit, but are also detrimental to the well-being. Even two-and four-legged friends in zoos feel better with a cool breeze. Mitigating the risk of heat stress is key in today’s competitive attractions environment.

Everyone deserves to be cool. And keeping everyone cool is sound business practice. Cool guests are happy guests. Happy guests spend more time at the venue. They spend more money per visit and the rate of return visits tends to increase as well.

Breezer Mobile Cooling products are the ideal cooling solution for a variety of locations and situations. Indoors and outdoors. It’s a win-win for everyone. Like child’s play, one would say. The math is easy and keeping everyone cool pays off.

For more information, call our Attractions and Entertainment Mobile Cooling Experts at 844-233-5673.

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