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What Does Good Customer Service Mean to You?

brunette woman in pink blazer on the phone and laptop customer service

We all have some idea of what a good customer experience involves: someone who listens to what we are saying, who understands our needs, and will work to solve our problems courteously and efficiently. Unfortunately, very often this isn’t the experience we have. More and more often, even at the biggest companies, we call for customer service, and end up …

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Heat Stress is a Hazard

power breezer cooler cooling down industrial workers rewiring

The experienced safety manager is aware that heat stress poses a hazard to worker safety indoors as well as outdoors. Heat stress can occur in well-ventilated facilities as a result of local heat sources such as steam, hot machinery, and engines. Heat stress is particularly a problem in the construction, commerce and oil and gas industries. Studies have shown that …

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American Manufacturing and Veterans Deliver a Cooler World

closeup of american flag with blue sky in the background

Many American businesses have shifted jobs overseas in an effort to reduce production and labor costs and increase profits. This trend is very apparent in the manufacturing sector as inexpensive labor is abundant and regulations are often less stringent in developing countries. This business strategy can often come with a price, however: poor quality, product inconsistency, and failure to support …

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Power Breezer® Helps Job Site Productivity Stay on Track

power breezer cooling down construction workers cleaning inside factory

The project schedule is tight, deadlines are approaching, and the heat index has soared to 111° F. How do you keep workers safe and productive in sweltering heat while keeping the job on time and on budget? When it comes to worker productivity, there’s no question that heat is the enemy. For every 2 degrees that the temperature rises above …

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Safety First: Battling Heat Stress So Workers Stay Cool, Safe and Productive

Power breezer portable cooler cooling down workers in orange shirts in construction warehouse manufacturing plant

When summer approaches, the talk turns to surviving another season of sweltering temperatures. But in reality, high heat conditions exist year-round in many industries, and the threat of heat-related illnesses is very real for employees who work in them. Heat stress occurs when the body is not able to balance the heat generated by strenuous physical labor and a hot …

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Now and Then – No compromise! Only the best!

Written by: Freddie L.T. Brock Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army, MP, Retired Senior Regional Sales Manager   The new president of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Gen. Carter F. Ham, U.S. Army retired, shared in a recent newsletter: “On my first day as president of the Association of the U.S. Army, I’m thinking about the title “Soldier” and …

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Humor and Fresh Air – Lifesavers, Seriously!

Jethro Coe III MP, US Army Ret. We all know it – peak performance is mission critical. Whether in private or professional life, sustained mental, emotional and physical energy is needed to achieve desired results and to experience success. On my personal road to success, I have found that finding your funny bone does provide many tangible benefits. Humor does …

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  Written by: Freddie L.T. Brock Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army, MP, Retired Senior Regional Sales Manager Last Sunday was Patriot Day. September 11 marked the 15th anniversary of the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. I took time out to remember the loss of life in these horrific events. In the early morning hours of …

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Globally Competitive in America

american flags lined up outside veterans day

At Breezer Mobile Cooling, we not only take pride in the quality of our product, but the quality of the people behind it. Every Power Breezer industrial air cooler is assembled in the United States, while 20% of our workforce are veterans of the United States Military. Highly trained and experienced employees like ours are a badge of honor we …

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Unmitigated Heat as a Leading Cause of Workplace Injury

power breezer portable cooler pointing at outdoor worksite with hardhats and worker sitting at table

We take many precautions to prepare for natural disasters like floods and tornadoes, but with something as simple as a hot day, safety can sometimes go by the wayside. It’s easy to overlook the dangers of heat. In North America, there are hundreds of heat related deaths each year, too many of which occur in the workplace where heat related …

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Veterans Day 2016 – Every day is Veterans Day for me!

    Written by: Freddie L.T. Brock Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army, MP, Retired Senior Regional Sales Manager After serving over 28 years with the US Army, I looked forward to driving off Ft. Belvoir in 2010 with a new title, namely “Veteran”. For so long, I did have the title “Soldier”, but now, I’m a Veteran, like my father. Over …

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Power Breezer® to be featured at MRO Americas 2016

power breezer poratble cooler in airplane hangar with white plane and man working under plane

Breezer Holdings, an industry leader in mobile environmental cooling, will showcase how Power Breezer® improves efficiency, reduces downtime and protects aviation maintenance professionals from heat stress at MRO Americas 2016 in Dallas. Originally developed for the military, Power Breezer® is the industry’s most technologically advanced mobile cooling unit, engineered to cool outdoors and in partially-covered areas. Its oscillating head combined …

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US Ambassador Feels the Power Breezer® Difference

power breezer representative shaking hands after receiving medal award

The Power Breezer team was honored to welcome Kirk Wagar, US Ambassador to Singapore (center) to our booth at the Singapore Airshow this week. He learned firsthand about the advantages and benefits that Power Breezer delivers from Joe Fairleigh, VP of Sales (left) and Rich Clem, Global Sales Director (right). Wagar is from Miami, has served as the US Ambassador …

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Breezer Mobile Cooling Recognized for “Business Ambassador Award”

power breezer representative shaking hands after receiving medal award

Breezer Mobile Cooling FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 550 SW 12th Ave., # 550 Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-3110 Media Contact: Elvira Amankwa, CMP, CIM Phone: 954-418-3706 Email: Breezer Mobile Cooling Recognized with Florida Governor’s “Business Ambassador Award” DEERFIELD BEACH, FL, (July 19, 2016) – During the inauguration of the Florida Enterprise Pavilion at Farnborough International Airshow in Farnborough/UK, Florida Governor Rick …

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The Rise and Return of American Manufacturing

industrial manufacturing automotive worker using machine to move car seat

The United States is in the midst of a manufacturing renaissance. Whereas even just a few years ago manufacturing seemed to be on the decline, local ventures and a resurgence of dedication to American enterprise has resulted in huge developments in the industry. While this is an amazing trend for the entrepreneurs and manufacturers themselves, it is also a benefit …

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Jet Engine Technology, Atomizing Water, and the Power Breezer

symmetrical arch hangar with airplane silhouette

If your staff works outside, keeping them cool isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s essential for employee safety and productivity. Cooling commercial and industrial workers, athletes, troops, and first responders keep them more aware (reducing costly mistakes) and productive. In the long-term, mobile cooling units can reduce worker compensation claims and insurance costs. The Power Breezer is the …

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