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MRO Americas 2017 Brings Breezer Mobile Cooling to Orlando As a Proud Enterprise Florida Pavilion Exhibitor

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Breezer Mobile Cooling is pleased to announce its participation in MRO Americas 2017, the premier conference for professionals in the aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul industry. Beginning April 25th, participants from around the world will gather to hear experts discuss the latest trends in aviation and to tour what conference organizers call “an unmatched exhibit hall” of industry solutions and services. This year’s conference will take place in Orlando, Florida, one of the world’s most important air traffic hubs, a center for flight training, and home to leading manufacturers of all types of aircraft and aircraft components.

As always, the MRO Americas Conference promises to be the industry’s most important event of the year. Professionals from the majority of the world’s countries can expect to be introduced to the latest technologies, have the opportunity to meet new colleagues, and—most importantly perhaps—gain the production and manufacturing edge their companies need to stay ahead.

The massive pavilion of exhibits, hosted by Enterprise Florida, a leading non-profit advocate for business in Florida, will undoubtedly be one of the conference’s most exciting components. Hundreds of businesses—Breezer Mobile Cooling among them—will present a comprehensive mix of new and innovative products, technologies, and services to help their clients succeed.

The Breezer Mobile Cooling range of products goes hand-in-hand, of course, with so many aspects of the aviation industry, where mobility, safety and comfort are closely linked to the bottom line, and workers often find themselves in heat sensitive environments. In such situations, even the difference of a few degrees in temperature can drastically improve both performance and efficiency, not to mention safety. It’s an important factor that aviation MROs, suppliers, and OEMs will want to manage.

Power Breezer portable cooling fans are used by MROs to cool engines and brakes, allowing for faster, safer maintenance. In some instances, maintenance times are cut in half allowing for faster ground turns, and greater dollars saved. With units cooling multiple major airports and airlines, Breezer Mobile cooling is right at home at the MRO Americas Conference.

Enter Breezer Mobile Cooling, the industry’s number one provider of cooling technologies and innovations. Mark Scott, Breezer Mobile Cooling’s VP of Commercial Sales sees the conference as an important occasion for Breezer Mobile to share its unique product line with the world’s top professionals in aviation maintenance, repair, and operations. “Everyone deserves to be cool,” he says, “and MRO Americas 2017 is a great opportunity for us to showcase to the MRO market how our innovative cooling products help lower temperatures, increase safety and boost productivity. As a Florida-based company, we are thrilled to be part of the Enterprise Florida Pavilion and eagerly anticipate the show kick-off on April 25.”

Conference planners are likewise looking forward to having Breezer Mobile Cooling on the exhibition floor: “We are excited to welcome Breezer Mobile Cooling in the Enterprise Florida Pavilion at MRO Americas 2017,” says Destin Wells, Enterprise Florida’s Business Development Manager in Aviation/Aerospace.

Breezer Mobile Cooling is a Florida-based company committed to developing products to make environments more comfortable. Breezers’ cooling solutions are designed to reduce heat related injuries, increase productivity and employee retention, and improve overall work environments.

To learn more, visit today—and don’t forget to stop by the Enterprise Florida Pavilion at MRO Americas 2017!

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