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Now and Then – No compromise! Only the best!



Written by:

Freddie L.T. Brock

Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army, MP, Retired

Senior Regional Sales Manager


The new president of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Gen. Carter F. Ham, U.S. Army retired, shared in a recent newsletter:

On my first day as president of the Association of the U.S. Army, I’m thinking about the title “Soldier” and what it means…. When you picture a soldier, maybe you think of a new recruit taking the oath for the first time or going through basic training, or a grizzled NCO teaching, mentoring yet another eager lieutenant. You may think of a young female soldier alongside U.S. Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan, or of the Army National Guard crew who lifted your family to safety amid disaster. American soldiers may also be the researchers deep inside an African landscape seeking to find the elusive cure to the Ebola virus or malaria, or they may be Army Reserve teams digging wells or building hospitals and schools for local communities. Here at home, soldiers are planning, organizing and leading U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects along the Mississippi River, keeping the economic engine of American communities flowing. Soldiers may be schoolteachers or financial wizards during the week, and civil affairs specialists or medical technicians in uniform. On the front lines in the war against terrorism—whether in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or cyberspace—soldiers lead the way, just as soldiers have done since the founding of our nation.” *Used with AUSA permission

Roots run deep. As a retired CSM US Army, I can relate to what General Ham is saying. Just as versatile as the levels of engagement, are the types of equipment our soldiers need to succeed. From first-hand experience, I know that quality matters. No compromise. Only the best. And just as I protected my country during my years of active duty, I am protecting today those who protect us – from heat stress that is. I am proud to contribute to our soldiers’ safety by keeping them cool with Power Breezer, the flagship product of Breezer Mobile Cooling. This innovative mobile cooling unit meets MIL-STD-810G for sand, dust, heat, rain and humidity. It also passed the Navy’s salt fog test. Breezer Mobile Cooling made it a point to have its innovative cooling technology tested by military standards to assure that military (and commercial) clients get the high quality products they deserve. No compromise. Only the best. That’s how we can offer a truly rugged product, mission-ready in no time. Be it on the front lines or at home – Power Breezer is right there. Now and then – No compromise. Only the best.


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