When Partnerships Are Strong, Everyone Wins

football player in white uniform stands in front of power breezer portable cooler next to bench

Every company has contingency plans for when things don’t go as expected, but rarely do those plans account for a product selling too well. Breezer Mobile Cooling found itself in just such a position about a year ago, when demand for our top selling product, the Power Breezer indoor portable air conditioner, went through the roof. Heading into what was …

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What Does Good Customer Service Mean to You?

brunette woman in pink blazer on the phone and laptop customer service

We all have some idea of what a good customer experience involves: someone who listens to what we are saying, who understands our needs, and will work to solve our problems courteously and efficiently. Unfortunately, very often this isn’t the experience we have. More and more often, even at the biggest companies, we call for customer service, and end up …

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Power Breezer Regional Sales Managers Exemplify Excellence

power breezer portable cooler pointed at red fire truck

Sales managers know teamwork is a major key to success. When each member of the sales team supports one another and puts in their best individual efforts, the results are truly amazing. Successful sales managers understand that using the strengths of each team member will produce far greater outcomes than isolated efforts. It is this mindset – delivering one’s best …

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Meet Andrea Martin: Breezer Adds New Customer Service Manager

power breezer brunette woman in burgundy and lipstick

Meet our new Customer Service Manager Andrea Martin. Andrea is not new to our breezer team. She is very knowledgeable to our product as she led production for both Power Breezer and the implementation of Oasys for two years. She brings her enthusiasm and skills to this new position. Andreas first project will be leading the Customer Service Performance Management …

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Heat Stress is a Hazard

power breezer cooler cooling down industrial workers rewiring

The experienced safety manager is aware that heat stress poses a hazard to worker safety indoors as well as outdoors. Heat stress can occur in well-ventilated facilities as a result of local heat sources such as steam, hot machinery, and engines. Heat stress is particularly a problem in the construction, commerce and oil and gas industries. Studies have shown that …

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National Safety Council Congress & Expo

              Come see Power Breezer at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo! September 28th – 30th. Stop by our booth to discover how Power Breeze evaporative coolers can cool your facility and improve safety! Booth 3771.

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Power Breezer® Protects Livestock & Workers from Heat Stress

roosters and poultry in wire cages with eggs in farm with power breezer portable cooler

Heat stress can lead to life-threatening conditions for livestock and agricultural workers, putting productivity at risk and impacting the bottom line.    It can reduce meat and milk production, lower reproduction rates and lower natural immunity in livestock. Soaring temperatures affect workers by sapping their energy, causing their productivity to drop, and making them more prone to costly mistakes. According …

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A Green Way to Create a Comfortable Environment

three sweating runners standing in front of power breezer portable cooler fan

Do you have a big space that is becoming too hot for productive work, storage or leisure? Did you know most people feel comfortable between 68-80°F when the relative humidity ranges between 35-60 percent? 1 Our human bodies are not made to deal with heat on a daily basis. Extreme heat environments can overwhelm our body’s ability to cope with …

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American Manufacturing and Veterans Deliver a Cooler World

closeup of american flag with blue sky in the background

Many American businesses have shifted jobs overseas in an effort to reduce production and labor costs and increase profits. This trend is very apparent in the manufacturing sector as inexpensive labor is abundant and regulations are often less stringent in developing countries. This business strategy can often come with a price, however: poor quality, product inconsistency, and failure to support …

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Power Breezer® Helps Job Site Productivity Stay on Track

power breezer cooling down construction workers cleaning inside factory

The project schedule is tight, deadlines are approaching, and the heat index has soared to 111° F. How do you keep workers safe and productive in sweltering heat while keeping the job on time and on budget? When it comes to worker productivity, there’s no question that heat is the enemy. For every 2 degrees that the temperature rises above …

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Safety First: Battling Heat Stress So Workers Stay Cool, Safe and Productive

Power breezer portable cooler cooling down workers in orange shirts in construction warehouse manufacturing plant

When summer approaches, the talk turns to surviving another season of sweltering temperatures. But in reality, high heat conditions exist year-round in many industries, and the threat of heat-related illnesses is very real for employees who work in them. Heat stress occurs when the body is not able to balance the heat generated by strenuous physical labor and a hot …

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Plan Ahead to Beat the Heat

power breezer portable cooler pointing at outdoor worksite with hardhats and worker sitting at table

High heat and humidity on the job site is a problem that experienced supervisors grapple with every year. Heat stress creates a workplace hazard indoors as well as outdoors and can occur in well-ventilated facilities, brought on by local heat sources such as steam, hot machinery, and engines. Heat illness and deaths have been documented within a heat index as …

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Cost efficient for your Warehouse or Manufacturing company

Cost cutting at home is one thing, but how does a company save some overhead when it’s a warehouse or manufacturing setting? Here are some quick suggestions: 1. Lighting – HID’s may be brighter, but fluorescent are more energy efficient. Adding a motion sensor to areas that are less utilized will add to those savings also. Natural skylights are also …

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Now and Then – No compromise! Only the best!

Written by: Freddie L.T. Brock Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army, MP, Retired Senior Regional Sales Manager   The new president of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Gen. Carter F. Ham, U.S. Army retired, shared in a recent newsletter: “On my first day as president of the Association of the U.S. Army, I’m thinking about the title “Soldier” and …

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Humor and Fresh Air – Lifesavers, Seriously!

Jethro Coe III MP, US Army Ret. We all know it – peak performance is mission critical. Whether in private or professional life, sustained mental, emotional and physical energy is needed to achieve desired results and to experience success. On my personal road to success, I have found that finding your funny bone does provide many tangible benefits. Humor does …

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  Written by: Freddie L.T. Brock Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army, MP, Retired Senior Regional Sales Manager Last Sunday was Patriot Day. September 11 marked the 15th anniversary of the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. I took time out to remember the loss of life in these horrific events. In the early morning hours of …

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Globally Competitive in America

american flags lined up outside veterans day

At Breezer Mobile Cooling, we not only take pride in the quality of our product, but the quality of the people behind it. Every Power Breezer industrial air cooler is assembled in the United States, while 20% of our workforce are veterans of the United States Military. Highly trained and experienced employees like ours are a badge of honor we …

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Cool for The Summer

clouds with sun shining in blue sky

No, it wasn’t just your imagination. Summer 2016 was indeed very hot. Scorching hot. In fact, NASA climatologists have declared this past August was the hottest August since recordkeeping began in 1880. If current trends continue, 2016 will edge out 2015 as the warmest year in history. While we like to believe records are made to be broken, endless heat …

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Jet Propulsion Technology as a Cooling Process

power breezer portable cooler product photo white background

The deleterious effects of heat are well known to anyone working with machinery and equipment. Friction-generated heat causes mechanical wear and tear on even the strongest metals, and chemical breakdown occurs in hydraulic systems when too much heat is present. However, most of this heat generation cannot be avoided because it’s a natural by-product of the process being undertaken. Fortunately, …

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