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Park Owners and Operators beware Plan ahead today for optimal heat safety tomorrow

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Just in time for the New Year, so it seems, an arctic cold snap has gripped North America. We wake up to frigid temperatures, which have reached record lows in many parts of the country. A sunny, fun-filled day at an amusement park seems a distant memory. But before we know it, temperatures will rise again. Summer will be here with all that comes along with it, including exciting amusement park visits and thrilling rollercoaster rides.

For amusement park owners and operators, the time is now to make heat safety preparations for the season ahead. Whilst it is the individual amusement park visitor’s responsibility to take personal heat safety precautions (such as drinking plenty of water and applying sunscreen), a great portion of the heat safety management risk rests on the shoulders of the amusement park owners and operators. It is a wise business decision to put a heat safety management plan in place, which could include outdoor fans, water misting fans, and outdoor air conditioners. And to avoid liability in the summer, preparing now in the winter, should be a priority.

To keep visitors and employees safe this upcoming park season, here are some proven heat safety strategies that are sure to mitigate your heat safety risk:

  1. Consider redesigning parts of the park that don’t have enough shade to accommodate more greenery and fast-growing shade trees. Not only do trees provide shade, but they also improve the overall guest experience and make an amusement park more attractive.
  2. Prepare signage with the symptoms of heat exhaustion to educate guests, and install it throughout the park. Keep tabs on the local heat index and make the risks of higher temperatures clear to visitors and employees alike.
  3. Clearly mark all park maps with shady spots, air-conditioned first aid stations, drinking fountains, water stations and cooling fans.
  4. Encourage visitors and employees alike to stay hydrated.
  5. Have an emergency response plan in place with a guarantee that medical services are on-hand immediately in case of a heat-related emergency. OSHA recommends having trained medical professionals on-site in case emergency vehicles are not able to reach the park within 5 minutes. Heat stroke can be fatal if it is not treated immediately.
    Especially children and the elderly are at high risk.
  6. Consider temporarily shutting down rides or activities that are highly exposed to the sun during the hottest parts of the day. If the temperature exceeds the heat index of 115°F, consider putting those activities on hold and offer other fun and safe alternatives.
  7. OSHA further recommends the installation of cooling devices to lower temperatures, refresh visitors and prevent them from dangerous overheating. Cooling units that incorporate mist allow for evaporative cooling and are effective for this purpose.
  8. Mobile cooling units that can conveniently be placed in areas where cooling is needed the most (concession lines, ride queues, etc.) are another great option. Breezer Mobile Cooling offers the Power Breezer, a portable and efficient cooling fan. Safe – with no water hook-up and hoses, it is great for use in outdoors or indoors spaces which are partially covered or where A/C is not practicable. Power Breezer can also be rented for peak seasons or special festivities. Visit com for more information or contact your preferred Rental Supplier.

Planning ahead for optimal heat safety is part of the game to stay competitive in today’s

amusement park business. Breezer Mobile Cooling is here to be your heat safety partner. You face many challenges. Don’t let heat be one of them.

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