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Our Partners Are the Real Heroes

power breezer outside in focus with out of focus grey plane aviation in the background

Call us biased, but at Breezer Mobile Cooling we believe we engineer the best cooling solutions on the market. Our mobile Power Breezer evaporative cooling units combine jet engine science, water atomizing technology, and fluid dynamics to deliver an enjoyable cooling experience anywhere in the world. Even though we stake our reputation on our innovative mobile air cooler products, we know the real keys to our success are the great people with whom we’re privileged to work. We’ve been fortunate to build an extensive distribution network of amazing independent dealers we consider our heroes.

Manufacturing revolutionary products and solutions means nothing if you can’t get them into the hands of the people who need them. That’s why we rely on extremely dedicated and hardworking dealer-partners who serve as the backbone of our organization. A Harvard Business Review article explains, “In most manufacturing industries, distribution and product support remain underappreciated strategic assets. That situation will soon change because the global winners over the next 10 to 20 years are going to be the companies with the best distribution organizations that also provide superb customer support.” The importance of great distribution partners has never gone unnoticed at Breezer – they have always been essential to our continued growth.

What we love most about our dealer-partners is they’re always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done – sometimes even literally! Once, one of our Regional Sales Managers was conducting product demos at a military base with a local dealer, and when they finished, the RSM wrapped up and the two parted ways. As our RSM was driving his van, he noticed a car following him. Curious, he pulled over and the car pulled over as well. The RSM exited the vehicle and discovered the gentleman in the tailing car was one of his favorite dealer partners, who had been following him for two days waiting to get a chance to speak with him alone. Elvira Amankwa of Breezer Mobile Cooling explains, “He followed our RSM and basically tracked him down, waiting patiently for his turn to go on a demo tour. Persistence paid off – together they did over $30,000 that day in business.”

Our partners surprise us every day with their dedication and the lengths they are willing to go to provide us, and their customers, with incredible service.

We put our faith in local dealer-partners who are long-established members of their communities, and who customers feel they can trust. They are our assets in the field, forging close relationships with end users, providing them with product advice and post-sale support. We make sure to stay in open communication with our partners to incorporate their feedback and give them the tools they need, so we all reach our highest potential – together.

Our groundbreaking outdoor and indoor evaporative coolers are tailor-made to reduce heat related injuries, increase productivity and employee retention, and improve overall work environments. The success we’ve enjoyed distributing these superior products around the globe is thanks to the tireless efforts of our indispensable dealer-partners. We couldn’t have done it without them!

For more information on our evaporative air conditioning solutions, to learn how to buy air coolers, and meet our great team, visit us online at today!

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