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When Partnerships Are Strong, Everyone Wins

football player in white uniform stands in front of power breezer portable cooler next to bench

Every company has contingency plans for when things don’t go as expected, but rarely do those plans account for a product selling too well. Breezer Mobile Cooling found itself in just such a position about a year ago, when demand for our top selling product, the Power Breezer indoor portable air conditioner, went through the roof. Heading into what was already going to be our busiest season and faced with an unexpected increase in customers looking for mobile air conditioning solutions, we had to stop and ask ourselves what our plan was going to be moving forward.

It was in that moment we discovered the strength that comes from building partnerships. We turned to Quality Holdings to provide us with the custom parts we needed at a moment’s notice. The Power Breezer is built to handle any outdoor event, and the sheer variety of situations faced by our customers means we had to be able to adapt to whatever came our way. No matter if it was a sporting event or a concert, a wedding reception or a military installation, Quality Industries had our backs as we caught up on our ever-growing customer demand.

Helping us get through that season forged a bond between our companies. Our relationship is relatively new, yet incredibly strong a year later. As our Vice President of Products, Roy White, puts it, “the partnership was formed in fire.” That is truly how it felt. Quality Holdings had to not only work under a tight deadline, they had to learn how to produce the complex parts we needed – and find a team willing to work around the clock. With all of this pressure mounting, Quality Holdings never even hesitated. They just jumped right in and got to work.

The team at Quality Holdings spent several long nights finding the right process for molds, graphics, trimming and testing. They even stayed late on weekends. By the end, they had three shifts running six days a week and were able to produce incredibly durable, leak-proof tanks for our evaporative cooling units quickly and efficiently. Everything they produced was designed to meet the needs of even the most challenging environments, building up not only their own reputation, but ours as well in the process.

The partnership worked well. We were able to make it through the season and Quality Holdings was able to undergo rapid expansion. This is what makes our relationship work so well. So well that Quality Holdings even used Power Breezer in their own facilities. Jon Hand, Director of Sales and Business Development said, “One of the things we like most about Power Breezer is that it is self-contained and really easy to roll and move around. We use it in different locations and during different shifts. The mobility is amazing.”

By helping each other, we both are able to move our companies forward. With Quality Holdings’ help, Breezer Mobile Cooling is not only one of the best in our industry, we are driving our industry forward.

To find out more about our partnership with Quality Holdings, or to find out how Breezer Mobile Cooling can help meet your needs with its innovative evaporative air conditioning solutions, visit us at or contact us directly at 844-233-5637.

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