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Power Breezer® Helps Job Site Productivity Stay on Track

power breezer cooling down construction workers cleaning inside factory

The project schedule is tight, deadlines are approaching, and the heat index has soared to 111° F. How do you keep workers safe and productive in sweltering heat while keeping the job on time and on budget?

When it comes to worker productivity, there’s no question that heat is the enemy. For every 2 degrees that the temperature rises above 77° F, productivity drops by 2 percent, according to University of California and Columbia University researchers. The work pace slows, employees have less energy, and they’re more prone to making costly mistakes which could impact the bottom line.

Experienced site supervisors know to keep plenty of water on hand and schedule frequent rest breaks in the shade for their workers. But many assume employee downtime and reduced productivity are simply part of the cost of doing business. They may not realize a solution is available right now that can help keep the operation running at peak performance even in the hottest conditions.

Power Breezer®: the Cooler Solution

Power Breezer is the industry’s most technologically advanced mobile cooling unit, engineered to cool outdoors and in partially-covered areas. Its oscillating head combined with a powerful atomizer cools up to 3,000 square feet. It doesn’t just move air – it cools air by as much as 27° F. The atomizing technology creates tiny water droplets that evaporate quickly for maximum cooling, while keeping people and equipment dry. Power Breezer plays a critical role on the job site because it lowers core body temperature and improves stamina which help increase worker productivity.

Originally developed for the military, Power Breezer stand alone air conditioner was initially used to keep troops comfortable while working or training outdoors in some of the harshest environments in the world. It’s rugged, reliable and designed and assembled in the USA.

“The Power Breezer gives customers total control over fan speed and cooling level,” said Joe Fairleigh, Vice President of Sales. “Whether they’re in the desert southwest or the humid southeast, they can customize the settings for climate and personal comfort. That’s a Power Breezer advantage that sets us apart,” he noted.

There are many other advantages too. Because a hose connection is not required, there’s minimal risk of slipping or tripping, and the unit can be moved anywhere. The 100-gallon internal water tank is water efficient – it uses less than one gallon of water per hour and keeps workers cool and productive for up to 5 days without a refill. Best of all, this new air evaporative cooler is cost effective and energy friendly.

“Smart job site supervisors understand that keeping their employees safe and productive is critical to their project’s success,” Fairleigh emphasized. “Power Breezer won’t let the heat slow your operation down.”

Feel the Power Breezer Difference for Yourself

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