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The Power Breezer: Increase Productivity While Maintaining the Structural Integrity of Your Machines

fleet maintenance workers with a power breezer

Companies from various industries, including manufacturing, airline and cement, have recently begun to adopt a new cooling system in their production process to cool vats, engines, and casting foundry. The Power Breezer cuts production times in half and leads to a quicker and more efficient manufacturing process, while improving the core product.

Although the Power Breezer is commonly known for its use in treating injuries caused by heat, Vice President of Products for Power Breezer, Roy White, explains the Power Breezer line cools more than just people: “Recently we are finding that our core technology dramatically improves cooling time for parts, furnaces, process vessels and such. We have been very successful with applications in automotive, airline maintenance, castings, foundries, forges, and rotomolding.” White also imagines a future expanding to other markets, “I’m sure we will add many others, as we are actively exploring this exciting new area for our products.”

By combining air cooling with evaporative water cooling, the Power Breezer produces micronized water particles that evaporate upon contact, ensuring operators, equipment, and parts remain dry.

Due to the harmful effects of extreme temperatures on component materials and machine performance, cooling equipment is required for protection. The problem, however, is that this crucial equipment has traditionally set back production times for manufacturers. Fortunately, the Power Breezer is a better solution.

Just look at the numbers: by using the Power Breezer, an extruded dies manufacturer, for example, reduced cooling times on their parts by 88%. A construction platform company yielded a 67% increase in their cooling times. The Power Breezer helps by working with mobile cooling systems in open environments where air conditioning systems aren’t a practical solution. Mobile cooling is necessary in harsh environments where heat exposure is a critical concern. Whether it’s commercial, athletic, military, medical, or an emergency situation, mobile cooling increases safety, productivity and employee morale.

The Power Breezer is a rugged and mobile device with unmatched dependability and safety. With a simple and quick assembly time, it’s easy to use and reduces the headache involved with setting up cooling equipment. Passing Military Standard 810-G for rainstorms, dust storms, sand storms, extreme humidity, and severe heat, the Power Breezer is a comprehensive and stubborn tool that withstands the most challenging environments for optimal performance.
Furthermore, by eliminating filter changes and increasing the performance time of a tank to five days, the Power Breezer is designed to ensure its electricity consumption is limited. Because OSHA requires a hazard-free workplace, including proper ventilation, the Power Breezer is the perfect solution for uncomfortable work environments.

The Power Breezer’s core mission is to protect employees, servicemen, and other work personnel involved in hazardous heat environments. Making the work environment more comfortable is key; discovering benefits beyond this purpose is an incredible bonus. By furthering employee safety and comfort along with improved production, Roy White says the Power Breezer is the ultimate combination.

Cooling time for machinery can slow down the production process and lower total output, and it’s extremely costly to replace an overheated machine. The Power Breezer faces these problems head on. Its unique cooling solution increases productivity while maintaining structural integrity of machines.

With temperatures reaching record highs, investing in an intelligent and reliable cooling system is more important than ever. Email to solve your cooling problems today.

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