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Power Breezer® Protects Livestock & Workers from Heat Stress

roosters and poultry in wire cages with eggs in farm with power breezer portable cooler

Heat stress can lead to life-threatening conditions for livestock and agricultural workers, putting productivity at risk and impacting the bottom line.    It can reduce meat and milk production, lower reproduction rates and lower natural immunity in livestock. Soaring temperatures affect workers by sapping their energy, causing their productivity to drop, and making them more prone to costly mistakes. According to animal science researchers, economic losses attributed to heat stress can top $2 billion annually nationwide.

Power Breezer Delivers Relief
Power Breezer, the industry’s most technologically advanced mobile cooling unit, helps farm operations run at peak performance. Its oscillating head combined with a powerful atomizer quietly cools up to 3,000 square feet by as much as 27° F, keeping farm animals and workers comfortable and productive. It can be used outdoors and in partially-covered areas, and is ideal for animal housing, livestock shows and auctions.

Many animal cooling systems require substantial amounts of water to operate, but Power Breezer uses water efficiently. Its 100-gallon internal water tank can run for up to 5 days without a refill, and a hose connection is not required. The unit’s small footprint allows it to be moved virtually anywhere. And, Power Breezer’s atomizer technology can help manage flying insects and control dust in certain environments.

Watch Power Breezer Work
Ready to experience the Power Breezer difference first hand? For more information visit or contact us at to schedule a demonstration.

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