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Power Breezer Regional Sales Managers Exemplify Excellence

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Sales managers know teamwork is a major key to success. When each member of the sales team supports one another and puts in their best individual efforts, the results are truly amazing. Successful sales managers understand that using the strengths of each team member will produce far greater outcomes than isolated efforts. It is this mindset – delivering one’s best while pursuing collaborative productivity – that produces the highest quality teams. It is what makes the Power Breezer sales management team so inspiring.

The sales manager role is no picnic. It requires grit, dedication, tenacity, and a spirited attitude. These attributes perfectly describe the enthusiastic individuals that make up the amazing Power Breezer sales management team.

Our regional sales managers are the Breezer Road Warriors. Rain or shine, they hit the road and are out there with our clients, driving thousands of miles to cover the entire USA,” says Elvira Amankwa.

They have fully equipped Breezer vans to travel from one city to the next, from one customer to the next, from one tradeshow to the next,” says Amankwa. “They demo our mobile air conditioning units, are often called for service visits, and have everything they need to be successful in the business basically in their van.”

Part of the success of regional sales managers is built on their drive as well as their patience. The Power Breezer sales managers understand they must reach out and carefully sow the seeds of sales in as many areas as possible. But equally as important as making these connections is the patience to allow seeds to sprout and grow into fruitful business relationships. Sales do not mature overnight. They develop over time, and the sales managers at Power Breezer have become extremely adept at helping them flourish.

Another key characteristic of Power Breezer regional sales managers is their selflessness. A collaborative effort is paramount when it comes to exceeding the results individuals can produce in a siloed effort. Sharing insights, such as effective sales tactics or customer value drivers, improves each individual’s efforts and leads to a greater overall output. By taking the time to help each other, the Power Breezer sales team has achieved incredible results.

The sales managers at Power Breezer are skilled organizers, orchestrators, motivators and industrial air cooler experts. With their tireless efforts to keep the sales team on track and exceed revenue production goals, the sales manager team is an inspiration to the entire organization.

Great sales managers are a rare find and extremely valuable to any organization. At Power Breezer, we are fortunate to have an entire sales team comprised of outstanding people who are excited to offer the best portable air conditioner on the market. “Without these daring individuals, our sales success and continued growth could not be possible,” says Amankwa. “We can’t thank them enough.”

To learn more about our amazing sales managers and the entire Power Breezer team, visit us online at today!

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