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Power Breezer® to be featured at MRO Americas 2016

power breezer poratble cooler in airplane hangar with white plane and man working under plane

Breezer Holdings, an industry leader in mobile environmental cooling, will showcase how Power Breezer® improves efficiency, reduces downtime and protects aviation maintenance professionals from heat stress at MRO Americas 2016 in Dallas.

Originally developed for the military, Power Breezer® is the industry’s most technologically advanced mobile cooling unit, engineered to cool outdoors and in partially-covered areas. Its oscillating head combined with a powerful atomizer quietly cools up to 3,000 square feet by as much as 27°F, keeping MROs comfortable, safe and on schedule.

University research studies have shown that for every two degrees the temperature rises above 77°F, worker productivity drops 2 percent. The work pace slows, mistakes can increase, and heat stress becomes a serious risk. Power Breezer helps increase safety and reduce heat-related injuries by lowering core body temperature and improving worker stamina. Its atomizing technology creates tiny water droplets that evaporate quickly for maximum cooling. It is water efficient, using less than 1 gallon of water per hour. Because a hose connection is not required, there’s minimal risk of a slip or trip hazard. Power Breezer’s small footprint enables it to be moved anywhere and it will fit through a standard size door.

“Power Breezer is not a misting fan or a swamp cooler. Its proprietary technology keeps sensitive equipment dry and aviation maintenance professionals refreshed so they can get the job done safely and on time,” emphasized Joe Fairleigh, Vice President of Sales. “Power Breezer helps MROs run at peak performance even in the hottest conditions, and helps keep their most valuable assets in the air.”

The Power Breezer team will demonstrate the Power Breezer at Booth 909 during exhibition hours. MRO Americas 2016 runs April 5-7, 2016 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, Texas.

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