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Reduce Heat-Related Safety Risks and Improve Business Performance with the Power Breezer from Breezer Mobile Cooling

power breezer portable cooler in airplane hangar

Heat is an often-overlooked concern when evaluating workplace safety. But working in a hot environment creates a risk of mental and physical fatigue, leading to potential hazards when using machinery or power tools, or other equipment.

As temperatures rise, productivity and focus decline. This equation is a formula for heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and other heat-related injuries. These issues pose safety threats for the workers themselves and others around them as well.

To counteract the threat of heat-induced illness, Power Breezer portable cooling fan by Breezer Mobile Cooling offers a reliable defense. Delivering a temperature drop of up to 27°F and cooling an astonishing 3,000 square feet, the Power Breezer evaporative cooling system is the optimal personnel cooling solution for sports teams, military installations, industrial work sites, and so much more.

Far too many work environments fail to recognize the serious consequences of intense heat and fall short in addressing the potential hazards. These are very real risks that shouldn’t be ignored. Research shows workers fatigued by heat make more mistakes. In an environment that utilizes tools and heavy machinery, this presents an increased risk of injuries, or even fatalities.

Furthermore, as working conditions heat up, productivity goes down. When temperatures rise, the human body redirects resources that normally fuel to the brain to work on cooling the body. Studies have shown a direct correlation between worker productivity and temperature. For every 1.8°F above 77°F, for example, worker productivity declines at a rate of 2 percent, a rate that can be incredibly costly.

Clearly, providing cooler working conditions can reduce business costs while enhancing worker output. A reduction in temperature means a reduction in the frequency of injury and illness. Cooler temperatures also lower insurance costs, improve productivity, and decrease the number of worker compensation claims—all leading to increased profitability. Cooling the work environment does more than improve personal safety and comfort; it improves the business!

In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that employers are legally obligated to provide a workplace free of hazards. This includes providing proper ventilation.

The Power Breezer by Breezer Mobile Cooling is a compact and powerful air water cooling unit that is effective both indoors and outdoors. Outperforming HVAC, commercial swamp coolers, the Power Breezer utilizes an evaporating cooling spray that dramatically improves cooling performance without getting people or equipment wet. Rugged and durable, the Power Breezer can be conveniently powered from a generator in any environment.

The risks associated with hot work environments are too costly to ignore. Increasing temperatures result in decreased worker productivity as well as increased likelihood of illness and dangerous mistakes. Effective cooling, on the other hand, improves business performance through lower operating costs and improved worker productivity, and it also ensures compliance with workplace safety regulations. The Power Breezer is the ultimate cooling solution—delivering high cooling performance for improved business performance.

Learn more about the Power Breezer and the benefits of effective mobile air conditioning by contacting our knowledgeable team—visit us online at today!

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