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The Rise and Return of American Manufacturing

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The United States is in the midst of a manufacturing renaissance. Whereas even just a few years ago manufacturing seemed to be on the decline, local ventures and a resurgence of dedication to American enterprise has resulted in huge developments in the industry. While this is an amazing trend for the entrepreneurs and manufacturers themselves, it is also a benefit to the nation as a whole. As Ronald Reagan once said, “Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.”

He wasn’t wrong. In 2015 alone, American manufacturing made up over 12% of the nation’s GDP. Even more incredible is the fact that for every dollar spent on manufacturing here at home, an additional 81 cents is added back to the marketplace. That’s the highest multiplier effect found in any sector of the American economy. At Breezer Mobile Cooling, we are proud to contribute to this development. We understand the value that lies in local manufacturing and assemble our evaporation cooling products here at home, using as many American components as possible. Not only that, but we regularly have talks with our suppliers in which we encourage them to do the same.

Our desire to see manufacturing return to American soil goes beyond just an economic imperative. The positive effects of local manufacturing are wide reaching, making an impact in everything from national security to the perception of our skilled tradespeople, who have worked hard to build our country into the great nation that it is. If we were completely self-sufficient rather than relying on other nations for goods and services, for example, we would be able to make decisions without the fear of another nation adversely affecting our economy by withholding trade. Returning American manufacturing to the powerhouse it once was only serves to strengthen our nation.

A lack of manufacturing also results in a lack of innovation. Without the hands-on experience and thorough knowledge of products that comes from building them yourself, creative improvements cannot occur. If you do not understand a product and what it takes to create it, how can you expect to improve it? Our nation has always been respected for our creative and innovative minds. We have contributed significantly to many of the world’s greatest technological advances – a direct result of our commitment to a strong manufacturing sector.

All-American manufacturing leads to positive growth for the entire American economy. For each job that is added in the manufacturing sector, four more jobs are added elsewhere. Unfortunately, the trend of sending manufacturing jobs overseas has resulted in a hit to the public’s perception of skilled labor. By building up our local manufacturing efforts we are able to restore the pride in our manufacturers and skilled laborers that they deserve. This will in turn encourage more young people to seek these much-needed jobs. This is good news, as we will need to fill over 3.5 million manufacturing positions. We at Breezer are proud of our industrial air cooler, and ever prouder of our dedication to being an all-American company. We hope you will join us in our efforts.

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