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Unmitigated Heat as a Leading Cause of Workplace Injury

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We take many precautions to prepare for natural disasters like floods and tornadoes, but with something as simple as a hot day, safety can sometimes go by the wayside. It’s easy to overlook the dangers of heat. In North America, there are hundreds of heat related deaths each year, too many of which occur in the workplace where heat related illness and fatalities could be easily avoided.

Employers are legally responsible for providing a workplace safe from any hazards, including extreme heat. In a country in which over 2000 workers a year suffer from heat related injuries, it is clear companies that place their workers in conditions of extreme heat need to develop comprehensive programs to prevent heat illness. Breezer Mobile Cooling allows companies to implement cooling solutions in areas where A/C is impossible or impractical. Not only will this mitigate the risk companies face, it noticeably improves worker productivity.

Just because a facility is well-ventilated does not mean heat stress and exhaustion will be prevented. Hot machinery, engines and steam within the workplace can result in heat injuries even if the heat index is as low as 84 degrees. Companies often overlook the chances for heat stress that may occur on the job. For example, heavy protective clothing in excessive heat can prevent the body from using its natural cooling techniques, resulting in increased risk. If the potential for heat stress is ignored, a company can face the possibility of serious injuries, litigation and costly mistakes.

Even if precautions are taken to avoid dehydration and mitigate heat stress, providing a cooler work environment helps increase productivity and reduce errors. Studies have shown that for every degree lowered in a warm work environment, a company can expect a two percent gain in productivity. Not only that, but when NASA tested the effect of temperature on telegraph operators, they saw the mistakes jump from five errors in an hour to 60 errors, just by increasing the temperature from 80 to 95 degrees. Shade and frequent breaks simply aren’t enough. Companies need adaptable and reliable cooling systems to ensure their workers are operating in a safe and productive environment.

Worker safety is important to Breezer Mobile Cooling, which is why our Power Breezer technology is adaptable and mobile enough to meet the needs of the harshest climates and conditions. An effective cooling solution could be the difference between a positive working environment and a dangerous one. Furthermore, increased employee retention and productivity improves the bottom line.

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