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Veterans Day 2016 – Every day is Veterans Day for me!




Written by: Freddie L.T. Brock

Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army, MP, Retired

Senior Regional Sales Manager

After serving over 28 years with the US Army, I looked forward to driving off Ft. Belvoir in 2010 with a new title, namely “Veteran”. For so long, I did have the title “Soldier”, but now, I’m a Veteran, like my father. Over the course of these long years I have had the opportunity to meet many Veterans from around the country. Some of us are easy to be recognized with our hats, shirts and jackets ablaze with military paraphernalia.

The other day, while shopping with my wife (ok, she was shopping and I was looking for a chair to sit till she finished…), I saw an older gentlemen wearing a hat that said “Military Police”. I got excited like a little child, approached him and introduced myself as a former MP. His name was Walter. We traded stories of our time in the military. He went on to tell me about his service in the Korean War as an MP. It’s so fascinating to hear about MP’s from previous wars since I served in Afghanistan as an MP and two of my children have served in Iraq as a MP. The connection I had with Walter was instantaneous even though we served 60 years apart from each other.

This week, Joe Fairleigh, VP of Sales, sent out a special message for Veterans Day to all employees of Breezer Mobile Cooling:

“Veterans were a major reason for the formation of our company. They contribute greatly to our success. They are a large portion of our business. To our Veterans, we thank you for your service to our country. We are a free country because of your service and sacrifice.”

So with this blog post, I would like to salute all the Veterans of Breezer Mobile Cooling:

U.S. Army

Rich C. – 26 years
John L. – 26 years
Jethro C. – 20 years
James J. – 6 years
Trish C. – 2 years

U.S. Air Force
Mike Y. – 30 years
Ed S. – 20 years
Billy M. – 11 years
Tyler R. – 4 years

U.S. Coast Guard
Aaron W.- 4 years
Florida National Guard
Gregory T. – 14 years
That is 191 years of combined military service within the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard!

Needless to say that I am honored to be part of such a venerable team. Together, we fight a new battle – to mitigate the risk of heat injuries to our Service Members and other citizens with a product that is second to none – the Power Breezer ( Our team is determined to go farther and higher in 2017 than ever before.

We are proud to serve those that protect our freedom and our way of life. We are deeply thankful to all Veterans and their families.  For it is because of these brave ones and their service that we live in the Land of the Free.

Happy Veterans Day!

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