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In the Wake of Hurricanes, Breezer Mobile Cooling Creates a Climate of Safety

military first responders wearing orange vests pulling a boat through a Flooded Highway

Relief and recovery efforts continue in areas of the U.S. mainland, Caribbean and Puerto Rico ravaged by this year’s devastating spate of hurricanes. Adding to the devastation is sweltering heat and humidity, placing an additional burden on both, victims and aid workers alike. Keeping cool is not only crucial to the health of hurricane victims, but also to the success of the relief effort. Effective cooling is critical, so that emergency personnel and relief workers can continue their work unabated.

It is no surprise that in the wake of the wide path of devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, employing effective methods to avoid heat-related illnesses was vital. By utilizing Breezer’s evaporative cooling products, conditions can be greatly improved, keeping victims and relief personnel safer, even in the most hot and humid of conditions.

Because of their adaptability and durability in harsh conditions, Breezer evaporative cooling units have become an integral part of disaster relief plans. They provide mobile cooling in both, indoor and outdoor environments. These portable fans can be used to lower temperatures in command centers, food lines, temporary housing, and even triage areas. In addition, the cooling units require almost no maintenance and are completely self-contained, both of which are necessary for quick and efficient disaster relief efforts.

When disaster strikes, it is important to be able to fall back on reliable partners,” says Joe Fairleigh, Vice President of Sales. “Breezer Mobile Cooling is a trusted partner in time of need. Our mobile cooling units alleviate suffering and improve safety for first responders, disaster relief workers, and victims alike. That’s probably the most rewarding aspect of our work.”

Devastating storms can present overwhelming hardship. Breezer Mobile Cooling is proud to provide relief to both the victims and those working diligently to rectify the damage inflicted by Mother Nature.

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